5 Michelin stars in a week, Chef Helene Doros’ new record: “I grew up in a pot”

5 Michelin stars in a week, Chef Helene Doros' new record: "I grew up in a pot"

2020 was a terrible year for the restaurant world, especially in Europe. This did not stop the release of the 2021 editions of Michelin’s Guide to the Universal Cross and the Delight of the Cooks. Merson Helene Doros In Paris and then three in Mayfair, London Helene Doros of Connaught At the Connaught Hotel in the Great Britain and Ireland edition.

Helene Doros at The Connaught Ell Team Dell Restaurant Helene Doros

It was in 2008 that the legendary Hotel, one of the most famous areas in the British capital, sought a French chef for its kitchens to forge a strong connection with the Transalpine tradition. Helen chose Doros to take on the challenge and take responsibility for it. Six months after the first star opened, the second arrived in 2011. Here, after a very difficult year, he was able to embroider a third jacket: “I get this recognition with a lot of emotion and respect. My first thoughts were on my team, especially at Kirkwit, who has been working here for the past 17 years with my partner at Pastry, my executive chef Marco Zampez and restaurant manager Mirco Benzo. There’s Paddy McClellan, co-owner of Connaught in 2008, who in 2008 left me in charge of a gourmet restaurant again and trusted me. My congratulations especially to the small suppliers who helped us, especially the budding British manufacturers, who could not have made such a good recipe without us, especially those who need support now. I’m proud to have achieved this milestone with my friend Claire Smith. Believe in your dreams, because everything is possible, be proud of your femininity! “.

Sala Restaurant Merson, Helene Doros

What is the path of this cook with the motto “Cooking is living, cooking is living”? First of all, Helene Doros belongs to the fourth generation of a family of cooks. Born in Mont de Marzan, in the Les Landes region of southwestern France, she literally immerses herself in the values ​​of Hout cuisine, with deep respect for the ingredients and culture of her area, she says to herself: “I grew up in a pot”. Despite this, Helen was not immediately attracted to gastronomy, as she was initially drawn to the restaurant’s functional aspects, so much so that she specializes in economics at the Ecole Superior de Commerce in Bordeaux. She begins to work behind the curtain with Alan Ducas XVI of Le Louis at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco: there Ducas himself does not take much time to recognize his talents and encourage her, to enter the kitchen in the first part.

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When she returns home, her father hands her over to the kitchen at the Family Restaurant in Villeneuve-de-Marzon, which is affiliated with Reliance & Chatox. Here, at the place where she had lived for four years, Helene continued to modify her gastronomic style. At the age of thirty-two, he decided to build something of his own, violating family tradition and moving to Paris to open his own restaurant on the left bank of the St. Germain des Press. Michelin gave it its first star in 2001 (twenty years later, a week ago, and the second in January 2021). In the meantime, he inspired the character of Colette in Ratatouille and opened the door to the power of her Parisian success in London in 2010. We told you what happened a few lines ago. Amidst the new openings (Joao was born in the second capital of the French capital in 2018) and major renovations of existing premises, this resourceful chef finds time to split the top chef on television, writing four books, becoming the best female chef in 2015 for being one of the 50 best restaurants, and the girl for being the mother of two girls. Helps to create an association that helps to create, this project earned them the title of Knight of the Legion of Honor.

Helene Doros of Connaught

Now her agenda is split monthly between Paris and London, where Helen manages her cooking teams. Always inspired by the use of seasonal ingredients, she is now a definite point in her choices, looking for the best from her homeland, the French Basque country and the British Isles. Her kitchen, which starts with a deep respect for raw materials from her historical suppliers, aims to create a favorite dish for her and her guests and start with an innate passion, never giving up creativity Essential Glossary of Element: “I like people believing meAl Merson honors the roots of her gastronomic odyssey, beginning with the lush pine forests of the wild Atlantic beaches and the golden wheat fields. From Japanese dashi to intricate Vietnamese flavors, there is a hint of majestic expression in his dishes. “I came from the French Basque country, I was created from that family and from that soil, they are the origin of everything I am. As a teenager I tried to somehow escape from it, but as I matured I saw myself going back. I want Merson to be a restaurant that tells me everything about myself, that can go through my history and then start a new chapter. “The Connaught ” Helena Doros’ three-star 2019 undergoes a two – month major overhaul, with a refurbished lounge, stunning chef’s table, open kitchen and room dedicated to Armagnac. A philosophy that connects.

Helene Doros at Connaught Restaurant Plate
Helene Doros at Connaught Restaurant Plate

So each meal begins to cleanse evenly with a seasonal broth and open the mouth for a taste experience. The guest can choose his menu based on each important item, such as Denbigshire Wales or Sepp-Scotland Pigeon; As for the fish, the same boat that landed was named, for example, the Cornish turbo from The Ajax. Likewise, the menu will be more adaptable to changes in weather and micro-seasons. “Each of my resources is part of who I am, not only for my work and travel, but also for my family, my teams – current and old – and the incredible handicraft suppliers I know and respect. After a remarkable ten years in London, I have the opportunity to focus more and more on the quality of the best producers, English and Southwestern France, which over time have become an integral part of The Connaught’s menu. “.

Helene Doros at Connaught Restaurant Plate
Helene Doros at Connaught Restaurant Plate

From the Taste of Winter menu, Wild Folkstone Sea Bass with brown spider crabs, pomlo, lampung peppers, taxanguro, champignon mushrooms, walnuts, colonata lord and douglas pine. Again, the lobster tandoori from Cornwall served with highland wagyu beef with spices, carrots, citrus, coriander or potatoes, fermented pepper and barley sauce. Among the desserts, Granny Smith is a Provence chestnut with apples and jujube. Finally, a list of 3,000 labels from around the world, as a result of a selection initiated by Mirco Benzo, went from head sommelier to restaurant manager, continuing with wine director Daniel Manetti, a winemaker with tastes and travels, and a manufacturer of wine and wine regions around the world and around the world. Don’t forget the brandy Armagnac collection that Helen’s family has dedicated themselves to for three generations. Brother Mark, an expert winemaker, manages the vaults, keeping 250 different varieties from 30 properties that contain 50 vintages.

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