5 Funny Doctor Bobbleheads Dolls

Creating a custom Bobbleheads is always an funny thing to do, and have you ever imagine creating out an custom doctor Bobblehead yes it is possible too, and not only an doctor you can create any custom type bobble head in the health sector.

Actually you know how hard this pandemic is to everyone and the doctors and frontline health care workers are the ones who has saved lakhs of lives, we can’t thank them easily by giving an normal gift for the service they are doing, but definitely gifting them with a Bobbleheads will make them happy for sure.

It will be a token of love for the endless sacrifice they are doing to save lives.

So now lets get into the topic what we actually wanted to talk

Best Funny Doctor Bobbleheads Dolls

1.Funny Super Doctor Bobbleheads Craft

You can have custom Super hero type doctors, though the movie superheroes may be seen powerful but they are fake, the real superheroes in world is doctors and nurses, with this custom craft you can make your favorite doctor into superhero doctor.

2.Doctor Bobblehead with Angel Wings

If doctors can be superheroes they can be angels too and also they can wings too, you can have favourite doctor with wings and look as angel in this custom funny Bobble head.

3.Funny Couple Doctor Bobblehead

If you know any couple doctors and want to provide gifts or even if you and your wife are doctors then this bobblehead is for you, also you can add a little touch by making it looking it funny.

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4.Custom Dentist Bobblehead Doll

A male or female doctor holding a toothbrush in a Bobblehead will definitely look funny right, yes it can also be done through the Bobblehead.

5.Nurse Bobbleheads

If doctors are the kings, then nurses are the warriors, they are ones who fight in the battle daily and bring the victory to the doctors and I personally loves these type Bobbleheads and gift to my favorite nurse.

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