5 Essential Motorhome Tips for Beginners


If you’re a new motorhome owner or are looking to purchase one in the near future, there are some things you need to learn.

We’re not talking about the obvious stuff like what fuel to fill the tank with or how slow to take a curve. There are essential tips for motorhome use and ownership that you won’t find in any old guide.

Here, we’ll break it down so that any beginner can run their motorhome like a seasoned captain.

1. Purchase a Generator

The first thing you’ll want to do is purchase a portable generator. Of course, electronics will work inside your vehicle, as they can be powered by the constant turning of the engine as you drive.

But ask any motorhome owner which item they wish they had on them from the start of their adventures, and it’ll be a portable generator. Generators can be life-saving when you pull into a camp for the night without electricity. And trust us, those kinds of camps are far more common than you’d think.

Check out a motorhome generator size guide  before you buy, and consider going solar-powered rather than petrol or diesel-powered.

2. Protect Against Sun Exposure

This tip is more for you and your passengers than for the motorhome itself. If you’re road-tripping or traveling throughout the country, you’ll be spending a lot of time outside. Time for meals, bathroom breaks, walks in the woods, and swims in the lake.

While there are many benefits of sun exposure, you risk sunburn, skin cancer, and sunstroke if you go out for too long without protection. Stock up on sunscreen, umbrellas, wide-brimmed hats, and more before you go.

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3. Pay Attention to Your Total Payload

Your total payload is the difference between what your motorhome weighs and the maximum weight it can carry legally. Before you set sail on any trip, you need to know how far away you are from reaching that total payload weight.

It’s best not to get too close to that weight with all the supplies and people you bring. Otherwise, it will slow down the motorhome and cause you to burn fuel more quickly.

4. Create a Departure Checklist

Over 312 million people visited America’s national parks in 2022. That number only stands to increase in 2023. You can hit a new one just about every day if you plan right, but you have to create a departure checklist.

Before leaving your camp spot each morning, go down the checklist: check that you’ve closed the hatch, topped off all fluids, closed the fresh water tank, put the refrigerator back on propane power, and more.

5. Get Wing Mirror Protectors

It’s easy to clip your wing mirror on a tree or wall, and once it’s gone, it’s a pain to reattach. Purchase wing mirror protectors, so you never have to drive blind again.

Becoming a Motorhome Pro

Seeing the great outdoors becomes so easy when you do it from the comfort and security of a motorhome. Follow these tips and go from a green newbie to a seasoned motorhome pro.

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