5 amazing photos of celestial phenomena

5 amazing photos of celestial phenomena

Competition for the best”Weather photography“Organized for 7 years. British Royal Meteorological Society This is done in collaboration with the Service Accuweather. To participate, simply send a photo of a natural phenomenon in the sky you’ve seen. Uploaded last year by professionals and regular amateurs 9,000 photos. Valuable prizes await the winners and authors of the best photos. Photographs showing climate change scored highly.

We have a few more months until 2022 ends, but for now British Royal Meteorological Society 5 photos of the contestants were presented. They are worth seeing.

The photo above shows what is called “The Specter of Broken”. This is an optical phenomenon seen in mountains, among others, that involves observing your own shadow in a cloud below the observer. It happens The observer’s shadow is surrounded by a rainbow border. The photo was taken in Barcelona’s fog-shrouded Sou Valley. Its creator was standing on the slopes of Tavertet at the time, which is why he named this photo.Spirit over lifem”.

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon that occurs when certain dispersed water particles in the air are illuminated by the sun. The water refracts the sunlight and creates a spectacular arc across the sky. One of the most beautiful pictures of the “double rainbow” was taken Jamie Russell South East of England.

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Another picture taken in Barcelona, ​​Spain. Its author is Carlos Castillejo Balcera, who saw an extraordinary sight at sea. Lightning appeared right next to the raging water whirlwind. Admittedly, he pressed the camera shutter at the perfect moment.

A stunning photo of the mirage phenomenon in the sky has been captured On the coast of Great Britain near the mouth of the River Thames. Outlines suddenly appeared against the setting sun Future city. In fact, it shows the reflection of the buildings from the city SouthendIt looks higher than it actually is. Author of photographs Brendan Conway He admitted that his vision was dulled by his mysticism. “Seeing this heavenly sight was an unforgettable moment“- he said in an interview with British media.

Photo author Laura Hyden In a wheat field in the famous Alley of Tornadoes in the USA, he describes the formation of so-called. A supercell is a very dangerous formation of storm clouds. They are what cause floods, cyclones and deadly cyclones. As the sky darkened, he immediately took a picture. “There’s nothing better than feeling like you’re facing something huge and destructive, but at the same time incredibly majestic and beautiful.“- said the author of the photo.

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