46th TIFF: Belfast Cinema stands out in Toronto

46th TIFF: Belfast Cinema stands out in Toronto

It is a critically acclaimed British film Belfast Kenneth Branag won the Audience Award at 46E TIFF. For many years, this laurel was the forerunner of the major Oscars in its background. Jamie Dornen, Judy Dench, and Kitriona Bolf also starred in Black and White, the story of a boy caught up in the turmoil of the Irish conflict in the 1960s. Belfast, The power of the dog Jane Campion and most local Scarborough Sasha Naqai and Rich Williamson are among the most neglected children in the Toronto area. Strong Titanium, Julia Ducornau of France, Palm DD of Cannes, and the Midnight Madness category for the public.

On the documentary side, that is Rescue operation Elizabeth Chaiweserheli and Jimmy Chan became famous among festival-goers in 2018 for rescuing children who went missing in the Tham Luang cave in Thailand. Best Canadian Film Award You are. Annie With a special mention of Metis director Rain Vermeat from Manitoba Scarborough.

June Indonesian Camila Andini caught the praise in the platform section about a girl trapped between tradition and rebellion. Several women filmmakers were honored on Saturday. The version was good on their part.

Quebec filmmaker Denis Villeneuve received tributes on Saturday and caught his attention. Dune, To Alanis Obomsa, who, like Menis filmmaker Danis Goulette, had a major past perspective (Knight Riders). Special tributes to American actress Jessica Chastain, British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, cinematographer Ari Wagner and singer Dion Warwick.

It’s 46E Half dematerialized, half projections and meetings in the meeting, the rest will be rolled like this. In the onslaught of the Delta variant and the rise of Venice Mostra, Queen City, the grandstand of the top-ranked primers, sought to shine and breathe.

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The festival ended with a delicious painting by Master Zhang Yimou. just a moment It had experienced censorship from the Chinese government a year ago. It is not known which scenes were removed or added in the final version. Still, this ode to the love of cinema, a true Chinese film paradise, remains strong. Look at Maoism, the story of a man who escapes from a labor camp in a rural village during the Cultural Revolution, and the paradox of an orphan who is constantly crossing his path and a projectionist of communist propaganda films. As a bonus, the majestic shots of the Gobi Desert and the false interpretations of Shang Yi, Liu Haokun and Fan Wei are the false melody and the real return of the old sermons.

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