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Vaughan: Storm Katya

Bernd Breiter (from left), Fabian Hambuchen, Jörg Müller and Sandra Sondermann wait for the German sports press ball at the Alte Oper. This is the 40th of its kind. © Bernd Kammerer

Eintracht kickers are revered as “athletes with heart” and for the team spirit, will and passion they inspired the crowd on their way through the Europa League and won the cup.

Bundesliga footballers from Eintracht Frankfurt are guests of the German Sports Press Ball. But this year, the Eagle Bearers will play a very special role when the Association of German Sports Journalists, the Frankfurt Sports Press Association and the Metropress Agency invite you to the 40th edition of the social event on November 5 at the Alte Oper. They are hailed as “athletes with heart” for their team spirit, will and passion as they thrilled the crowd in their journey through the Europa League and won the cup last season.

Gymnastics Olympic Champion Fabian Hambuchen Who knows what it’s like to walk the red carpet to a storm of flashing cameras and accept one of the coveted Pegasos Awards. “It was my first big sports ball in 2004,” the man from Wetzlar said at a press conference on Friday at the Frankfurter Hof. At that time also he came with his parents. Twelve years later, the horizontal bar specialist was honored in the same category as SBU is now, along with his colleagues on the national team. Despite the Hanoverian’s serious knee injury Andreas Toba The team made it to the finals in the games held in Rio. A week later, Hambuchen secured the gold medal on the horizontal bar and fulfilled his own dream.

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“The ball always heralds the run-up to Christmas and lots of great people get together there,” the 34-year-old said as he bid farewell to his newlywed wife. Victoria As a “non-dancer” even wants to be led across the dance floor. “It’s always a great night.” Metropress Managing Director said Georg Muller “We are allowed to retell stories that create emotions”.

This year, people shouldn’t be the last ones to touch. On the 40th birthday of the event, which has only been canceled twice since its premiere in 1981, 1988 and 2020, the organizers want to celebrate the slogan “40 balls for Frankfurt. Unique in Germany”. Serve the “best” of their own past. It also includes an Irish singer Rhea Garvey Competing on the midnight show for the second time since 2015. Then, as in 2019, the top floor of the venerable building will be transformed into a smaller version of the World Club Dome, known from the stadium. “Like sports and cuisine, music connects people through emotion,” said the BigCitybeats boss. Bernd Broder . After parties on the ISS space station and on polar ships in the Arctic DJ Paul Lomax Give off “unique vibes” with live musicians.

Before that, more awards will be handed out in front of up to 2200 visitors from politics, business, sports and show business, including 250 guests. Two out of four award winners are still kept secret. In the “Special Merits” category, former Prime Minister of Hesse Volker Bouffier The winged porcelain horse Pegasus will be honored.

In 2014, former federal foreign minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher was recognized as a person who had “successfully worked for the common good and democracy”, Müller explains the background. Bouffier is the second recipient deemed worthy of this honor.

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All award winners from the past 40 years have been selected for the new edition under the patronage of the current Hesse. Boris Rain Invited. The response has been “very positive,” according to Mueller. Many identifying values ​​were hidden in the Ball program. Hambuchen is very excited about what he lost. Either way he’s been for years at a match in Switzerland in early November. Or maybe it didn’t even exist in the early years of the sports press. Storm Katya

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