4 week trend: Weather till May 30

4 week trend: Weather till May 30

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Weather trends are updated every Thursday for 4 weeks. The second presents the most likely weather for the next four weeks until May 30th.

The month of May promises to be quite standard, with the hexagonal level of the season still lacking in rainfall and the temperature very close to average, but fluctuating. The possibility of late snowfall is fading but has not been completely eliminated so far this month.

Here is the overall trend expected for the next 4 weeks

Week 1: May 3 to 9

After a beautiful and cool start to the week, marked by severe cold, rain and wind are expected to return north of the Lower. The south will return to a warmer climate and it will be warmer. This sequence ends with thunder.

Week 2: May 10-16

The Ascension Bridge will be hot and humid. After a heat stroke, a typhoon collapses on a normal axis from southwest to northeast.

Week 3: May 17-23

After thunderstorms, the country experiences mild and dry weather, but the temperature drops. It needs to be seen, at this time, the possibility of small late frosts.

Week 4: May 24-30

Hot, stormy weather from southwest to northeast is a feature of late May. At this point, authenticity requires confirmation.

In conclusion, After freezing higher than the average month of April, which marked a severe late winter, our country should return to a more standard month, May. It can be completely changed with two hot shots and two stormy waves. Light snowfall is expected on May 20.

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