4 Reasons Why Gamers Should Not Be Missed As Samsung opens the deep gaming experience to the next level at Neo QLED

Currently, there are several gaming items for gamers. Designed to support and enhance gaming performance for PC and console games, the screen is one of the key components that ensures that gamers never miss a moment. This may make the game less effective due to the image quality, color and light.

Neo QLED is designed to meet the needs of different customer groups. Considers a group of gamers looking for items that focus on the best picture and sound quality. Samsung’s Neo QLED TV is the best answer for real console gamers, developing the features needed to enhance the performance and enjoyment of better gaming than ever before.

Get the full taste Ready to adjust the settings as needed with clear pictures

Playing games on a small screen Detailed color depth and slow response, including blurry images, can make a gamer’s game inefficient. May be disturbed during play
The Neo QLED is packed with advanced features such as Super UltraVide GameView, which expands the screen to two levels of 21: 9 and 32: 9, allowing you to see the whole picture. Including increasing the ability to interact with enemies even at visible distances from a distance. Using quantum mini LED technology, which is 40 times smaller than standard LED bulbs, it can accurately control the brightness and brightness of the screen. Help gamers not to miss even the smallest details. Gamers can check the connection information with the game bar feature in game mode, including adjusting the aspect ratio of the reaction speed or other settings as needed to maximize your gaming potential to suit their own game

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Play a fluid game Do not miss a single moment in goal management.

Many times gamers face flooding and unsightly visual problems and need to miss the crucial moment to face enemies. Had to fail from success to success. Using the Freezing Sync Premium Pro technology on the Neo QLED, the frame rate output output of the CPU is automatically synchronized with the updated rate. With fast response with advanced auto low latency mode that reduces input delay. So gamers don’t have to worry about important moments. Games can be played smoothly and there are no broken shots during playback. Increase your chances of success

Increase volume volume Access to more virtual reality

In addition to the screen there is an important effect that quality sound will enhance your gaming experience. Accessories help gamers keep all the details. Distinguish between left, right, and deep directions by understanding each step of the multi-dimensional perception target. Or gamers with small details Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro) can analyze the sound with Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro). Listen to all situations Allows gamers to immerse themselves in the amount and resolution of realistic sound according to the position around them. Helps to identify targets more accurately. Ready to take first place in the competition

Super fun with a bunch of best friends. Even if we have to stay away from each other

Playing alone is not as fun as playing with a group of best friends. Sometimes gamers want to scream. Share jokes with your favorite friends. Sometimes not talking to each other can lead to a difficult connection. Why do I need to change screens again? But do not worry about how far, because the Neo QLED comes with a tap view feature that allows games to be played. Talk to friends while playing on a single screen, and there’s a Google Duo app on the device. Gamers can enjoy playing with friends without having to worry about connection. Or confuse screen transitions Allow the game to play with your favorite group of friends, but there are no fun barriers.

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For these reasons, the Neo QLED is the best solution for gamers. The Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN800A, QN900A) is currently available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes and starts at a budget of 94,990, while the higher priced models have 4K resolution (QN90A, QN85A) 50-inch to 85-inch. Available in sizes up to inches, starting at a budget of 44,990. Special! When you buy a 55 inch or more TV, you get the right to redeem the soundbar with a discount of up to 50% from today – July 9, 2021 at https://shop.samsung.com/th/offer/eurotv only.

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