300kg giant phallus placed in Mexican grave: ‘Her wish’

300kg giant phallus placed in Mexican grave: 'Her wish'

A 99-year-old woman has asked her family to place a gender-shaped statue on her grave in Mexico when she dies. The history of the monument, which was inaugurated last Saturday (23), became popular on social networks. The information belongs to Vice.

Relatives of Caterina Orduna PĂ©rez, known among the residents of the small town of Misantla, initially thought she was joking, but shortly before she died, the young woman made it clear that her wish had come true.

“She told me that it was her wish that no one would forget her and that everything we loved about her would be easily remembered,” Catarina Alvaro Mota Limon’s grandson told the US website in an interview.

The woman died in January 2021. Since then, family members have come together to make the request a reality.

They contacted Isidro Laoingnet, an engineer known in the field for making plastic objects such as water tanks and children’s toys.

At first he too thought the request was a joke. “Such sculptures are not common, especially when it is made in memory of a dead person,” he said. However, he accepted the mission before long.

After counting the help of more than 10 people – among them a sculptor and a carpenter – Isidro completed the 1.6 meter and nearly 300 kg work in a month. The most complicated part of the construction, according to Katarina’s family, was the testicles, which had to be rebuilt from scratch after being “defective” on the first attempt.

The inauguration of the monument was in a festive atmosphere, even with the presence of a band of friends and relatives of Catherine around the tomb.

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According to Catarina’s grandson, the grandmother said the request was meant to “break the stereotypes of Mexicans who sometimes hide things because they are not open-minded.”

After the inauguration of the work and the pictures became popular, many sought the services of the builder. However, others disagreed with this idea.

“Out of 10 people, I think seven see the statue positively. If they don’t see it positively, at least they respect her wish. However, there are others who are closed-minded to the situation with their conservative values,” said Katerina’s grandson.

According to him, the family discussed the possibility of critiquing the statue, but decided to fulfill the old woman’s last wish in life anyway.

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