3 slow travel ideas from France

3 slow travel ideas from France

As a result of the slow journey it takes time to discover and appreciate the scenery around us, we say yes! Instead of boarding an airplane and seeing only the beauty of life from a very high altitude, why did you choose the so-called slow tourism this summer? To travel across Europe? That’s it Kayak.fr Vacation Booking Site is highlighted on its site Offering three destinations departing from France through landscapes that include the beauty of the Italian, Corsican, Greek and Irish regions.

On a trip to Italy via Marseille and Corsica

The travelogue mentioned by Kayak offers travelers the opportunity to discover legendary places. First, if you are coming from the north of France, you will need to get in a car to get to Marseille. Before that, stop halfway to visit the city of Lyon, which has a history of over 2,000 years and is “proud to be the capital of French gastronomy”. Then take the road to finally reach Foshien City, one of the city’s proud historical monuments. ” Climb the famous Notre-Dame-de-La-Garde Basilica, nicknamed the “Good Mother”, from where you can enjoy an incredible view of the city of Foshien. After a tour of the old harbor, if you have time, explore Mucem (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations). », Develops the kayak on its site.

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After exploring the city, take one of the many ferries that bring you directly to the Corsican region. On site, discover, explore and enjoy the many landscapes that Beauty Island offers you, without forgetting to visit St.-Nicholas, the famous place to admire the sunset. All you have to do is take a ferry to Livorno, Italy for a 4.5 hour journey. There, visit what is considered to be “the most modern of the Tuscan cities” and walk through the streets full of wonders and its renaissance palaces.

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From Lake Como to the beauty of the Greek islands

Get ready for a 9 hour drive by car to get to Lake Como, a beautiful place in Lake Como. Second, renowned for its beauty and typical buildings, it will allow you to take a break that is poetic and, above all, worthy! Take advantage of the opportunity to go to the great private beach of Lido Villa Como to have a cocktail with stunning views. You can continue your road trip to Angona, the main destination for travelers who want to go to Greece, Turkey or Croatia. Go to Corfu Island by ferry, and after that, sail along the shore enjoying the “beautiful fishing village of Casiopee at your own pace”.

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Irish trip

Your journey to the Irish landscapes begins in Cherbourg, a city in the Normandy region. To get to the pool on the English coast, take the ferry for about 4.5 hours. On the spot, mark a stop in Oxford and make your way north of Wales. The city is an ancient university where the biggest fans of the Harry Potter Saga certainly identify the locations of the filming. ” If you like to walk in nature, choose to walk along the trail of Mosley Boge, not far from Birmingham. Kayak adds. For nature lovers, enjoy the uniqueness and beauty of Snowdonia National Park. ” Covering an area of ​​2,130 square kilometers, it will allow you to admire the best mountains. Says the kayak.

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Take a ferry to reach the Irish capital. ” There are three ferry companies serving this crossing, so you should have no trouble finding the right time for you. Kayak warns. At the two-hour crossing, enjoy the unobstructed view of the Irish Sea and breathe the fresh air. As the booking site explains, the roads in Ireland are connected by several major roads, allowing you to easily make a few stops, recharge your batteries and relax before proceeding to new horizons …

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