3 scenes from the Kardahi case … and Berry’s visit | Battalions

3 scenes from the Kardahi case ... and Berry's visit |  Battalions

Leading political sources have revealed a fan of active contacts in the wake of a series of tweets between Republican President Michelle Owen and parliamentarian Nabih Berry a few days ago. First, expedite efforts to remove the obstacles and reasons for the suspension of cabinet meetings, because continuing to disrupt meetings is unacceptable.

Sources pointed out that the response of the first and second presidents, along with efforts to control the increase, helped to facilitate efforts to focus on resuming cabinet sessions, the continued interruption of sessions interfering with disagreements, the transfer of accusations, and the blame for the disruptions and damages caused to this party or to the detriment of all. Therefore, the reasons for suspending the sessions were focused on the contacts on the basis of two points, without arousing sensitivity or provoking any party. Judge Tariq al-Bitar, the investigator in the Beirut port bombing, said all attempts to take action had failed, a government action in the matter because it was against the laws governing the relationship between the executive and the judicial authorities. On the other hand, due to the known indirect political opposition, the second is to address the issue of the implications of Information Minister George Kardashian’s stance on relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.

Sources say efforts to resolve the two ties have begun outside the media between three presidents, Hezbollah and other parties, and that the revival of the presentation could witness in the coming days the crystallization of the Shia pair’s solution. In addition to this proposal, the Supreme Council, which has been hearing in the Chapter on Judicial Inquiries and is limiting their trials to former presidents, ministers and delegates, officials, military and staff, and the outgoing Presidents of Parliament, ministers and delegates, may immediately file an objection to this motion, or it may be expedited to issue an indictment earlier this year. , Then they can argue for themselves and oppose the allegations against them within the legal framework.

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Contacts began to expand after President Berry visited yesterday to address the complex of Information Minister George Kordahi. Despite the secrecy of what happened in it, and the denial of the Minister of Information who addressed the issue of his resignation, the circles indicated that the discussion was about ending the issue, and I hoped that this would be accepted through a visit. As suggested on the first visit, Khardahi went to Berkeley soon after and stumbled upon many considerations and obstacles.

Sources do not rule out that the results of the contacts and consultations to resolve these two agreements will be crystal clear by the middle of next week, which, as circulating in political circles, could be announced through Berry’s visit to Bakerke. Visit the Maronite Patriarchate Bechara Al-Rai, but this visit has not yet been confirmed.

Combining these sources with a graduation and a return to the Council of Ministers meeting working on the issue of Minister Khardahi, the positions of the parties concerned came to reflect a clue that the timeline is still unclear, so the emphasis is on the work of the Cabinet Committees in preparing the files to appear before the Government.

Informed political sources told “Liva” that the treatment or settlement of Minister Kardahi’s case was subject to three circumstances and that it was based on his voluntary resignation, dismissal or withdrawal of confidence from him in the House of Representatives, but the first option remains the best because they considered the first two options inappropriate. She expressed her belief that Minister Kardahi’s move towards the guidance of the Speaker of Parliament should be stopped.

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