3 personal development books that have really helped me in life

3 personal development books that have really helped me in life

Personal development doesn’t always get good press. However, some books will provide the keys to personal and professional success. Here are my favorites.

Personal development books, I read a lot. Sometimes good, sometimes not so great. But over time, I managed to accumulate a few books in my library that could answer my questions without feeling taboo or guilty. Here they are.

Who says you can’t, you do! D Daniel Chidiak

Unfortunately, this lucid book by Daniel Chidiak has not yet been translated into French, but it remains a veritable Bible and serves as a resource to find the keys when I need them. Best selling The New York TimesThis 315-page book lets you discover One’s own truth in a world filled with obligations and social or professional orders that one can live by. the aim ? Make choices and live a life that resembles us, while giving us the opportunity to touch the dreams that nourish us. A good read!

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I’m sure of Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey’s book, taken from the “What I Know for Sure” column, marks wisdom and emotion, organized into 8 themes centered on themes such as resilience, gratitude, human relationships or strength. It lists all the life lessons one of America’s most beloved figures has learned over time. Inspiration!


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The Four Toltec Treaties by Don Miguel Ruiz

If this book is one of the most well-known in the field of personal development, it still holds up years later A devotional book Whose 4 principles: “Keep your word impeccable”, “Whatever happens, don’t make it personal”, “Don’t make assumptions”, and “Always do your best” are always good to remember. After all, they can finally answer a lot of problems, right?

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And you, what personal development book spoke to you the most?

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