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3 great, absolutely unavoidable natural marathons

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You like to run on the road … but not in town. These matches are for you. From Ireland to South Africa via California, these three events, organized on extraordinary sites, have to go by the wayside. Because here, you do not have to run for the record – the landscapes are as impressive as the heights or the impact of the wind! – But for the journey. We are in the antipodes of Paris, London or Berlin, at the heart of the human experience, considering the atmosphere as nothing more than a clock. These spots are so beautiful, they deserve to stay on site for so long, so early in your agenda, sometimes from one year to the next, that cocktail marathon / ocean / open spaces make more and more followers. Ireland: Why is the Konemara International Marathon going there? This is because it runs from a bright lake to a long flyjord and ends up in another clear lake across Heathland covered with a flowering broom. The atmosphere at Conmarathon (another name for it) is so calm that after the race, Guinness World Records has a taste that is not found anywhere else. Things to know: Note, this is a (very) hilly area, with two climbs of 2.4 km and 3 km waiting for you at 21 and 35 km, respectively! Add to that the fact that there are often strong winds (certainly from the front) and the weather is utterly unpredictable. Very rainy and very hot (for Ireland!) Case this year. In short, as the organizers say, “prepare for the worst, enjoy the best”. Outside, we tried it: the ravitos are very low, very spartan, the finisher’s medal, no wood, no plastic goodies (Bravo!) But very cool atmosphere – departure …

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