2,700 immigrants arrive in the suite a day, a “record”

2,700 immigrants arrive in the suite a day, a "record"

Spanish officials said he arrived at the beach by swimming or on foot from neighboring Morocco.

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They were arrested when they arrived in Spanish territory. Spanish authorities reported on Monday (May 17) that 2,700 immigrants, including 1,000 minors, had arrived in the vicinity of Seuta from neighboring Morocco. “Record” For a day.

The migrants arrived early in the morning when they left for the night off the beaches located a few kilometers south of Seota, a Seota prefecture spokesman said. The first group of a hundred people, consisting mainly of young people, children and women, had already been identified according to the same source.

Some were boating boats, others were breaking boats, and others were walking on the sea “Withdrawn”. A spokesman said they should be housed in sheds on the El Tarajal beach but authorities are meeting to assess the situation in view of their unprecedented numbers.

By the end of April, about 100 immigrants in groups of 20 to 30 had already swum from Morocco to Suita in one weekend. Most of them were deported to Morocco.

Immigrants climb the high border fence that separates the enclave from Morocco and regularly try to reach the suite. The other Spanish enclave on the Moroccan coast, Sueta and Melilla, are the only EU borders with Africa.

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