27 documentary series on Netflix, inspired by real crime



Passion for stories inspired by real crime

People are always fascinated by court documentaries and horror stories. Interest in these documentaries grows even when society feels “weak”, explains the author and expert. The real culprit (Original Crimes) Diane Fanning. So, with Pandemic, it is not surprising that we are witnessing a remarkable increase in the general interest in legal documentaries. The epidemic also means that many people who did not watch television before are now television viewers.

William Phelps, expert en The real culprit He is the author of 45 books focusing on real crime stories, and has produced numerous television programs and podcasts about real crimes. He explains that streaming services like Netflix are doing their best to meet the growing demand.

With real pleasure of the documentaries from The real culprit Recently aired, it is now difficult to know what to watch. So we’ve put together a short list of the best documentary series available on Netflix, inspired by real crime.

The best documentary series on Netflix, inspired by real crime

To ensure that our list of the best true-crime documentary series available on Netflix is ​​as well-prepared as possible, we relied on a wealth of empirical evidence. We started with an algorithm to remove any movie with a rating below 70%. We’ve downgraded this list to 25 with professional reviews and viewer feedback. Finally, for one reason or another, we added a few movies that we thought would appeal to your audience. Here’s the best documentary series available on Netflix, inspired by real crime.

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Do you know: These detective novels are based on criminal cases.

Killer's Word is one of Netflix's documentary series inspired by real crime.


Killer word (2019)

Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, especially notorious for three murders, was convicted of it. However, he claims to have done no less than 600 in his lifetime. Although he has no clue about these brutal murders, he convinces the police of his involvement by saying that he can draw victims. Killer word We invite you to think about the distorted criminal justice system in the United States.

Henry Lee Lucas died of natural causes in 2001 in a Texas prison. Killer word Testimonies from law enforcers, lawyers, and journalists are presented, many of whom witnessed Lucas’ gruesome descent into hell. This five-part documentary series uses archival footage of the killer confessing his crimes.

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