25 Easter eggs hidden in real life

25 Easter eggs hidden in real life

You know that geeks love Easter eggs and hidden messages in video games, movies, series or even books. But did you know that in real life you can hide Easter eggs? Since 2015, there has been a section on Reddit IRLEasterEggs There internet users share little secrets and secrets around themselves in real life. We have chosen for you We invite you to find 25 more Easter eggs without further delay.

1) This graffiti becomes an attraction when the sun gives the right shade

2) Revealed Canadian passports under UV lamp

3) A text inspired by Rick Astley

4) One beetle can hide another

A beetle-type car hides in the middle of a collection of beetles (called beetle in English, which means beetle). A beetle among beetles.

5) Pac-Man hides in the ventilation grid of new subways in Stockholm

6) This smiley appears in this pine forest when the colors change in the fall

7) The label that sends a message

“Wash clothes back in cold water so you don’t ruin it like everything else in your life.”

8) A bag that wants you well

“What are you doing here? The bag opens on the other side.”

9) A colored bridge to make it look like Lego

10) Marg Simpson

11) The abbey of Saint Foy in Concave is a symbol that overflows in front of it.

12) Every 11 November at 11:11 a.m. the United States emblem pays homage to the sun by paying tribute to the soldiers of World War I.

13) A mini town on a sidewalk

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14) A smart box

“Things to do with this cardboard: a cat’s mansion, a spaceship, a batmobile, a lemonade stand, a cheap coffee table, a big hat or a small man’s house.”

15) Ants are the work of man

16) There is an Alien Gargoyle in Paisley Abbey, Scotland

17) This Lego set has 1969 pieces, and 1969 became the year of this NASA mission

18) Mario is hiding in the barcode

19) Jerry is hiding in the hole of this pet shop

20) Made a drawing using several bricks

21) Futurama boxes are distributed by a thirtieth-century fox

22) The binding of the Irish passport is in the colors of the Irish flag

23) Tyler was a fan of space attackers

24) This platypus plush stuffed with fake beaver eggs and a duck egg

25) One controller can hide others

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