2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Italy-Northern Ireland 2-0, Asuri starts well | News

2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Italy-Northern Ireland 2-0, Asuri starts well |  News

Berardi and Immobile scored in the first half. The match against Bulgaria in Sofia on Sunday

Italy starts on the right foot in the race for Qatar 2022. The first day of qualifying for the World Cup, Azuri defeated Northern Ireland 2-0 Lead Group C to Switzerland. In Tardini, the match was decided by two goals in the first half: in the 14th minute Berardi Peacock-Farrell dry, 39 ‘ Permanent Finding the way to the goal in the national team, which has been missing since November 2019 with the complexity of the goalkeeper. Sunday in Sofia with Bulgaria.

It will take a few minutes for the Asuri to get rid of some of the rust that can be understood after 4 months without finding each other. So we start at Tardini at a very low speed, with Italy accelerating as soon as possible, which is best suited to our rivals and difficult. The first alarm for the Northern Irish goes off at 11am, making it easy for the peacock-farler to avoid danger if the immobile shot breaks too much. Florence is inspired, activating Berardi with the best ball, and drying the goalkeeper on the left side on the next post. This is the third consecutive goal for the national team and is even better than the Assist-Man version: first he sees the immobile cut (Peacock-Farrell rejected volley), and then serves Emerson at the remote post who bows his head and can’t find the door. Before the end of time, here is the goal of Immobile, who did not score against Italy from Brazil in November 2019 against Armenia: Lazio striker dry peacock-farl at his pole, insanely launched. Bravo Blue is a striker, but the responsibilities of the goalkeeper are obvious.

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The second half started with the visitors’ first dangerous shot, with White’s right foot ending outside the volley net. Insane breaks a good cross from insignia and playing Azuri, partly saving precious energy and partly making Barracklof’s team more active and taking advantage of our technical errors. In the 56th minute, Donarumma is called into overtime, and Milan goalkeeper Smith says no to White and a continuation of the action, first after Locatelle’s short back pass. Mancini also accommodates a variety of barella, spinasola, chisa, pesina and griffo, but Northern Ireland is always on target. McNair provokes the latest fear (high shot). Manzio is happy again and leads to 23 straight games without defeats. Qatar has laid a brick for 2022, but construction is only just beginning.

Report cards
Berardi7 – He wins the ballot with Chisa and regains his faith in the best half, where the board with Florence works best. Unlock the match with a big left, then Immobile and Emerson need two good balls.
Florence7 – PSG’s best first half fullback, in the role of a finisher. With his help for Berardi, he puts the immobile in front of the goalkeeper at the start of the match.
Locatelli 5,5 – I’m going backwards from the little gem of Sassuolo, a little careless. His short back pass keeps Northern Ireland back in the game and fortunately he thinks about saving Donnerumma Assuri.

Italy-North Ireland 2-0
Italy (4-3-3)
: Donaramma 6.5; Florence 7, Bonucci 6.5, Chielini 6.5, Emerson 5.5 (30 ‘St. Spinasola 6); Pellegrini 6 (19 ‘St. Barella 6), Locatelli 5.5 (39’ St. Pesina SV), Verdi 6; Berardi 7 (30 ‘St. Chisa SV), Building 6.5, Insignia 6 (39’ St. Griffo SV). Available: Sirigu, Kragno, de Lorenzo, Azerby, Mancini, Bellotti, Bernadette. Everything.: Mancini 6,5
Northern Ireland (3-5-2): Peacock-Farrell 4,5; Smith 6,5, J. Evans 6, Catcart 5,5; Dallas 5, McNair 5,5, McCann 5,5 (33 ‘St. Thompson SV), Davis 6, c. Evans 5 (1 cent Savile 5,5); White 6 (19 ‘Louvre 5,5), Magnus 5 (33’ St. Lufti SV). Available: William Hazard, Hughes, McLaughlin, Ballard, Ferguson, Brown, Kennedy, McGinn. Everything.: Barracklow 5,5
Referee: Palabic (Turkey)
Markers: 14 ‘Berardi (I), 39’ Property (I)
Ammonites: Savile (IR), Thompson (IR)

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Roberto Mancini became the third unbeaten coach in the first 15 home games on the Italian bench (9W, 6N) after Enzo Bearsot and Marcelo Lippi.
Of all the home matches Italy have won, Northern Ireland have suffered the most defeats (seven out of seven).
Italy have collected six consecutive clean sheets against Northern Ireland, and Azuri have recorded a long strike against a team that has yet to score a single goal.
In all competitions (18v, 5n) Italy have conceded just one goal in their last eight shootings without losing in 23 straight games.
Leonardo Bonucci made his 100th appearance with the Italian national team, becoming the eighth player to reach this milestone with the Assyrians.
Bonucci became the fifth youngest player to cross the 100 caps at the age of 33 and 329 days for the Italian national team.
Bonucci also collected his 23rd game with Italy under Mancini management, becoming the most used player by the current national team coach.
Domenico Berardi became the first Italian player to play three times in a row for the national team under the guidance of Roberto Mancini.
Zero Immobile has not scored a goal against Italy since November 2019 against Armenia – seven of his 11 goals for the Blues have reached World Cup qualifiers.
Lorenzo Insane has assisted on three of Italy’s last five goals in all competitions.
Two of Alessandro Florence’s three assists with the Italian national team are under the guidance of Roberto Mancini.

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