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2022 World Cup – Italy afraid to compete in the Games

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Italians who are completely devoted to Pathos can even go to court brutally. Especially in football, especially when they feel betrayed in their love and their expectations. “We were ugly and ugly, not serious enough,” he wrote Courier Dello Sport In his opinion after the 1-1 draw against Switzerland, of course a lot comes together. The tie in the Roman showdown was to chase away evil spirits, sending the Assyrians “into the darkness of the playoffs.” Republic It is already dangerous and culturally pessimistic. Nothing has happened yet, but the darkness has become light motif. All gone, all the glamor from the magical summer.

Losing one of the best teams in Europe six months ago could happen now. As is well known, titles ease stress and applause is the beginning of satisfaction. But is it like that? The Italians played slowly and accurately, especially the midfield: completely overpowered by the Swiss opponents, each taking over the Italian team. The hero of the 3-0 win over Switzerland in EM in June is Manuel Locatelle, the same place, the same venue? Wasn’t Niccol ബ Barella even a shadow of himself? Go into the game and you see it in every action. Until recently, there was Giorgino, whom they called Maestro, as Andrea Pirlo’s successor, and he’s still traded as the potential winner of the Ballon d’Or, the best player in the world – he’s a lot now.

Gorgino is a balance player who can adjust and adjust the balance in the middle of a game with a few sharp turns of the adjusting screws. Mostly horizontal and rarely vertical. Italians like such players and they calm the mind. Giorgino never shoots at the target, literally: never. Except when the ball is still at the eleven meter chalk point in front of the box. He is what the Italians get Penalty taker The name, from “Rigor”, is Italian for a penalty kick: a set of penalty takers.

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Giorgino’s face was white, Altobelli thinks. Then his ball flew into the wet Roman night sky

Until the European Championship final against England at Wembley Stadium, the Brazilian-Italian national team converts all their penalties into six consecutive goals. Since then? Three prizes were awarded, one on penalties in the final of the European Championship, and two without, one against Switzerland in Basel and the other now against Switzerland in Rome – what a match point in the 90th minute. Of Courier Dello Sport Describes the referee’s decision: “Luck fell from heaven and it tried to help us.” It was a coincidence, despite the video evidence that it was controversial, and in every sense it was a gift.

Jorge Gino’s face was filled with suspicion as he picked up the ball, fearing a negative series. 1982 World Champion and former Striker legend Alessandro Altobelly says. Penalty taker Looking guilty on the lawn, was it a scar? Then he bowed his head. You have to be crazy to hold on to him. Missing two penalties one after the other may change the coach’s mind. Should. must be. But Roberto Mancini later said: “Jorge Gino is ours Penalty taker“He dared to do it, which is why he was shot.” All at once? Twice, three times.

Even the half-saint Mansini is now getting fat. It is now said that he clung to loyal followers, some of whom, though not clearly transformed, did not last long. However, substitutes Sandro Tonali and Domenico Berardi were far superior to their comrades.

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The old Belfast pictures are black and white, but their effect is very pronounced

Belfast now have to decide, Monday evening’s final day of Group C, the clash against Northern Ireland. “Belfast” stands as a warning in the history of Italian football. Italy has not played in the World Cup three times: in 1930 they did not want to go to Uruguay, it was voluntary. They missed the 2018 tournament in Russia after losing in the playoffs against Sweden. Then the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. A draw with Northern Ireland was enough to qualify, a formality. The team went to Belfast – losing 2-1. Newspapers show pictures of that time, everything is black and white, but the effect is very bright.

To overcome the dark playoffs, Italy need to win as high as possible against a tough defense this time around – and hopefully they will not have the better of their home game against Switzerland, who are level on points. Assouri’s goal difference is slightly better than the Swiss’: Plus Two. But what does that mean? As of Monday evening, there were detailed explanations in the Italian media about who was eligible in which case. In some zodiac signs, a small print of restrictions can be crucial. Sylvan Widmer’s goal from FSV Mains 05 in the 11th minute for Switzerland at the Olympics will be decisive if both opponents win their last games and Switzerland make up for the difference in their goal difference – great, at full speed.

Mancini says he is an optimist. In the summer it will be enough to restore the country and affect it. The happy optimism of “Mansio” was like the wings of a bird of fortune. Now that too is gone.

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Mario Schoonserti, Chief Commentator Courier della Sera, It writes: “If you play normally, you’re a regular opponent, then you have nothing more to do in Switzerland. You saw it: two autumn games, both ended in a draw. You can not even say you were. , It would not be unworthy. They are most common in the fall after a beautiful summer. The title is “Italia Al Buio” Print. Italy in the dark.

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