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2022 US election, Biden last sprint, but Republicans under pressure

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America will vote in the 2022 midterm elections. Joe Biden has not spared himself in these final days of the election campaign, even with Barack Obama at his side, moving America far enough to sound the alarm about the dangers of democracy. A victory for a Republican party that controls the “extremism” of the Trumpian faction. But the latest sprint by the Democratic president, who turns 80 on Nov. 20, doesn’t appear to have stemmed the winds that have been blowing more decisively in favor of Republicans for weeks, according to forecasts. , to a clear victory in the midterm elections.

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Republicans are favored largely by Americans’ frustration with inflation, rising gasoline and food prices, and criticism of Democratic policies that are perceived as not being tough enough on crime and immigration. In short, the old Clintonian adage of ‘it’s the economy, stupid’ has become ‘it’s inflation, stupid’, this time to the detriment of Democrats, instead to protect their narrow majorities on other issues, notably abortion. Congress. Needless to say, it has now become a tradition for midterm elections to be a slap in the face to the incumbent president and his party.

So all projections give Republicans the House winner — they need just 5 seats to tip the current balance of power of 222 to 213 in favor of Democrats — and it’s unknown how big their majority will be. According to Politico’s last-minute poll, 26 possible answers are still open.

The situation is different in the Senate, where there is currently a 50-50 tie — with Democrats holding the majority for the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, the president of the upper chamber — and the game looks set for tomorrow. Play on a tight rope until the end.

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Unlike the chamber, which is completely renewed every two years, the Senate has a 6-year mandate, so every two years one-third of the 100 senators are renewed, and tomorrow will be exactly 35, because one senator must replace the retired Oklahoma. According to polls published today by Politico, there are six duels that could decide who leads the Senate. Four of them are currently Democrats — Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire — and two are Republican — Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — so the balance of probabilities is in favor of the latter.

Today there are also votes to elect 36 governors and hundreds of mayors and local officials. So the crucial election round is the first test of US democracy since Donald Trump’s election protests and his supporters stormed Congress to prevent him from recognizing Biden’s victory.

Biden and Democrats are raising the alarm that Republicans are running for office nationally and statewide, with a large number of Trumpian candidates — The Washington Post counted 299 — not only inspired by the former president’s program, but also like him. The ‘deniers’, that is, they question the legitimacy of Biden’s election victory. Regulates the electoral process in states that offer or threaten radical reforms of electoral systems, along with candidates for governors and other positions.

Trump, for his part, is counting on this army of his candidates affirming the illegitimacy of the 2020 election to turn today’s vote into revenge against Joe Biden. And he continues to make undisguised remarks for days at rallies supporting the candidates, assuring him that an announcement will come “very soon,” a springboard to his new candidacy for the White House. His entourage is already leaking the Nov. 14 date the former president aims to name, just days after the expected Republican victory.

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