2022 Switzerland in Qatar, Italy in Spring Playoffs

Northern Ireland 0-0 Italy

(AGR) Italy did not win, congratulations to Northern Ireland who fought fairly. It is up to the blue technicians to ask themselves how they were able to balance a technically and qualitatively insignificant team like the Northern Irish team. How could you imagine the fielding of those eleven and the subsequent substitutions associated with it, instead of letting the opponent hold his breath and throwing the rest throughout the game? Almost all of the passes, short or long, failed to form credible attacking plots and, instead, were forced into defensive tic-tac-toe in an attempt to knock out opponents.

But what harm could the Northern Irish do to the future, which may have slipped into some of our resumes? They were now out of the qualifying battle, so they opted to leave Windsor Park with a decent amount of inactivity rather than trying to win with the European champions. And what about us, instead, Goleda? But get there: Praise be to Heaven for the great parade of Donarumma in Savile who avoided our surrender: the worst night-burning defeat of Belfast.

If we examine our group stage to identify the causes of the sensational blue blackout, it is not enough to stop at the colorless Tests from the low-ranking team given in the second quarter against Switzerland and Northern Ireland – a useless draw. However, the rankings indicate the structural failure of the Mancini management, but rather the wrong attitudes towards the competition – but we need to go further up, back to the competition with Bulgaria: it’s from there. We no longer see Italy glorified and glorified around the world. ‘European. It was during that game that I started to see some cracks and hear some cries.

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In the sense that no one doubted that our national team could not win, on paper, we went to Florence to play a game of normal governance. After all, we beat Bulgaria 2-0 at home, and there was no new Stoychko Lechkov on the horizon of that football (his beautiful goal against Germany in the ’94 World Cup was legendary), so we can undoubtedly excel from a technical and qualitative point of view from the point of view. So, at the end of the race we were sure that our ranking would increase to three points, that is, we would rise to 12 points, thus splitting Switzerland into another three points, thanks to the luck that won us over. A plate of silver coveted as Switzerland rests.

But the national team did not seize the opportunity: the Italy-Bulgaria match was dominated by Italy for the most part, but on many occasions it was unfortunate and ambiguous, with negative evidence of insignia and immobile. But others prevented her from succeeding. In the 16th minute of the first half, Cheese’s move forward probably strengthened the guarantee of a broad victory, so the shirts expanded and many turned their attention to the goal of the Bulgarian equalizer almost a. End of time.

The game ended 1-1 in the second half with no attempts to take over our game. Perhaps the reasons for that tie include an inappropriate mentality: in fact, our team remained on stage at Wembley to celebrate the conquest of Europe.

The fact that that internal fence should be an alarm bell, a warning that something needs to change. Starting with the attitude to be adopted in the now imminent match against Switzerland, it has not made the following: In the meantime, it is necessary to imagine that the three slaps given to the Europeans as a solution would be considered invaluable by Rosocrosity. , Instead of crying to themselves, they would run away, putting on speed, intensity, and physical plane.

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He should then consider replacing the coach, so it makes sense to expect other schemes, other figures and some new entry into the team from newcomer Murat Yakin. At that time, the day before Switzerland-Italy, we had a 5-point advantage, so, taking on the old Spartan mentality that had dominated our football for centuries, it made many insiders think, after all, even a draw would go well, because the four-point gap would remain unchanged, and then, In the return match, everything will be fixed forever: Italy would have won, the gap would have been filled and the match against Northern Ireland in Belfast would have been just formal.

So we arrived on September 8, when Lithuania scored five goals and the favorable coincidence of a Swiss draw with Northern Ireland occurred, with Italy’s advantage rising to six points in the standings.

Very good! With the exception of two games down for Switzerland, a six-point lead could be nullified, thus: 2-0 against Northern Ireland and 4-0 against Lithuania et voila. Legendary Gino Bartali would say, everything needs to be restored. But yes, come on, the difference in goals is in our favor, +2, then they are, the Swiss should come here to the Olympics, we should finally play Northern Ireland, it’s not football. Despite the legendary George Bessout, no one was. Instead, at the Olympics, we did everything except win.

We responded to Widder’s goal in the 11th minute through a draw by De Lorenzo in the 36th minute, but the tragedy was averted and the farce came with Jorge Gino, who missed the qualifying goal in the 90th minute and blew away all Italian assurances.

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Regarding this player, we have to ask ourselves what are the reasons or reasons for him to step down as a penalty shooter for our national team. He could not be considered the national team’s first penalty shooter after a third consecutive error against Switzerland in crucial matches.

Now we go to the playoffs. Experts say that even though they never hit a ball, the cold of the day shoots them to the left and to the right, thus affecting our football and immersing them in declarations of defeat, ‘God, it could happen to us, Ibrahimovic, Hollande or something like that.

We have heard and read those nonsense before. One day, a long time ago, the great Trapatoni was asked if he was afraid to see Pele, to which he replied, “If I were afraid of Pele, I would have lived in Cincinnati Balsamo” (his hometown in the Milanese suburbs. Ed.). .

Here, this is the right spirit to face the play-offs in March (4th to 26th of that month. Ed.): Enter the field without fearing his opponent, whether he has a famous name or not, but only pays attention to his duty. Mancini can certainly convey this idea to his boys.

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