2,000 British Guinea: 8 years later, Bolger and Manning do it again … with a son from Don Approach!

2,000 British Guinea: 8 years later, Bolger and Manning do it again ... with a son from Don Approach!

At the age of 79 and 54, respectively, at the top of their game, Jim Bolger and Kevin Manning were able to register together for the second time in the 2000 English Guineas (Gray 1) list. Son of Don.Proch won the contest in 2013 wearing a Godolphin jacket … but under the rule of Jim Bolger and Kevin Manning!

The poetic flair, who won 2,000 Guinness World Records (Gray 1) in England this year, is already eight years after his father Don Approach, coached by Jim Bolger and run by Kevin Manning (© Horse Racing Ireland)

Defending the “Irish Grandpass”! The actual figures of the Irish matches, one in the coaches and the other in the jockeys in Verte Erin, a sphere of influence extending to our countries and to Hong Kong, Jim Bolger And Kevin Manning The 123-year-olds are all the same age, but once again showing their talent that they don’t have a grip on time, they’ve got a brilliant new stroke! Of course, Coolcullon’s master in County Kilkenny and his first ride – his son – in – law – won for the second time in their careers, thanks to the 2000 Guineas (Gray 1), Paul of English False Test at Newmarket. Poetic flame. A 3-year-old foal resistant to breeding Jim Bolger And his wife’s jacket Jackie, None other than a descendant Dawn approach, The winner of the 2000 English Guinness (Gray 1) in 2013 … for the same training Jim Bolger Already Kevin Manning “Saddle”!

Jim Bolger, a well-known breeder and trainer in Ireland, here with Don Approvac, the father of the poetic flame (© Patrick McCann)

Like his patriarch eight years ago, Poetic Flair was too quick to leave the opening stalls before taking his partner for granted. Devilwala (Kodiak), come on in. Freely approaching the first line 600 meters away from the target Jim Bolger In the last 400 meters he was really launched into battle, and then engaged in a maneuver with a maneuver Master of the Ocean (Dubai), with only a small head in front of him as the final disc passes. Always seen at the forefront of the struggle, Lucky fast (Lope de Vega) was the second and final runner-up in this competition very quickly in the final round. Only one neck from the first two.

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They are very good at coaching real champions, even if they are men – Aidan O’Brien, AP McCoy, Paul Carberry – or horse – New approach, Theophilus, Dawn approach, Alexander Gold Run, Etc. – A native of Oilegate, Wexford, County, they are the equivalent of giving birth and raising. In fact, many of the products he has still point to the end of their noses in his meadows. Redmondstone Stud, Became a poetic flame in 2018. The sixth product Maria Lee, We owe the other three winners, especially the double-listed winner across the channel. Glamorous approach, The 2-year-old champion descends in a straight line from Theophilus, remaining unbeaten in five public ings, winning the National Stock Exchange (Gray 1) and Dehurst Stakes (Gray 1) in 2006. After becoming a successful stallion, it will be six gray in 2020. Not less than 1 winner Key, The latest winner of Prix St. Allergy (Gray 1).

Find or rediscover the “Bolger” recipe to win GR.1

Don Don Approach (Quipco British Champion Series) of Poetic Flame to victory in English 2,000 Guinea (Gray 1) in 2013

Just before the end of the competitions in Ireland due to health crisis, Poetic Flair, who won from his first shooting when he was 2 years old, was on the verge of being knocked out in the same Newmarket Racecourse, a week or two later, in the longest dwarf stakes (Gray 1). He succeeded. After a good winter, the disciple and one who is protected from it Jim Bolger On April 11, at a raceout track in Leopard, Ireland, he won a landslide victory in preparation for the 2000 Guinea and resumed contact with the competition on 11 April. He took part in this race from school and manages to emulate his famous father, Don Approach. Jim Bolger, And to register his name on the list of Paul de Essay des Paulines de la Perfide Albion.

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Kevin Manning “Thumbs up” after second victory over 2,000 guineas in England (Gray 1) (© SkySports)

In addition to his defeat at Dehurst Stakes (Gray 1), he certainly missed a run, and the poetic flair has never lost, having already won this position four times, and it seems he can further expand his record. This season, why not spend more time, the next games go more than a mile, the Commonwealth Cup (Gray 1) at the next meeting of the 2,000 Irish Guineas (Gray 1) and the St. James Palace stakes (Gray 1). In addition to being the second name to succeed with the Dawn Approach in 2013, Jim Bolger And Kevin Manning Their names have not yet been named in the list of the other two events mentioned above, and the 50-year-old pilot still hopes the Irish jockey-club will win before he finishes his boot … Like his father-in-law, about four times twenty! Will they succeed with a poetic flame or boxing partner? Mac SwineWho won the Future Trophy Stakes (Gray 1) last year? to be continued …

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