20 million hour calculations for the most realistic simulation of the universe!

Une équipe internationale de chercheurs propose la simulation de notre Univers la plus étendue et la plus réaliste à ce jour. © Tomoaki Ishiyama, NAOJ

Do you dream of conquering the universe? Thanks to an amazing simulation developed by an international research team, it is now possible. All you have to do is connect to the internet. Ready for the great journey through time and space?

Aterui II (Japan) is a Supercomputer Dedicated to astronomy The most powerful computers in the world. Not less than 40,200 Processors. It still took about 20 million hours of computing to compile three petabytes of data. Finally Produce Uzu – Understand “Place”, In Japanese – the most comprehensive and realistic simulation of our universe. A virtual cube is 9.63 billion light-years away and contains 2,100 billion particles.

Uchuu offers a magnificent view The structure of our universe On a large scale. From giant clusters to the smallest Galaxies. After all, it mimics the evolution of matter throughout its history. That is about 13.8 billion years. Like a time machine that allows you to zoom into space. To see what is happening every moment and every place in the universe.

A simulation to download or run online

However, the accuracy of Uchu stops at the level of the galaxies. The simulation is not shown there Star formation Or planets. It focuses on how Black matter Affects the major structures of our universe.

Another thing to note is that the international team that developed Uchu wants to make the simulation accessible to everyone. The high-density compression method is used to reduce the data storage space to just 100 terabytes. Since HDDs Ability to receive a lot of data. But they are expensive. 35,000 in order. It is not accessible to everyone. Fortunately, data can also be accessed from here Uzu Online. Enough of this incredible exploration Virtual universe Without putting your hand in your pocket.

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