“2.5 million unpaid doses”

"2.5 million unpaid doses"

Supplies Pfizer’s Kovid vaccine a Israel Suspended until further notice. This is it Jerusalem Post, Consulted with the leaders of the pharmaceutical giant in this regard.

The first effect is to stop many deliveries 700,000 doses, As Pfizer has not yet received payment for the second 2.5 million doses Sent to Israel, a model country for vaccination campaigns.

According to the newspaper, that is the fear of the American companyPolitical instabilityThe March election is the fourth in two years and there are no clear winners from the polls, which will compromise on payments.

Pfizer blocks supply to Israel

If he is Jerusalem Post Explained Vaccine supply has been suspended It’s a good idea.A sign of angerPfizer, each Army Radio (Broadcaster by Defense Forces) Company Israel “Banana Republic”.

according to Newspaper, So far Israel has been paying for a dose of Pfizer vaccine Double In connection with the European Union, $ 28 against $ 14.5A total of 670 million euros is distributed.

There will be political conflict on the basis of not giving 2.5 million doses Benjamin Netanyahu e Benny Gants, The leaders of two major parties in the country that could not stand together under the same government.

Amid allegations between different ministries of different political colors, payments were blocked. This situation can do so Lose that priority in the distribution to Israel This has already allowed him to vaccinate 60% of the population.

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