19J performances are expected to come in millions against Bolsonaro

19J performances are expected to come in millions against Bolsonaro

The first hours of the Sao Paulo-19J demonstrations registered activities in and around Brazil, both large and small, in state capitals and cities. Protests have been confirmed in more than 400 cities this Saturday (19), twice as many as in previous gatherings, on May 29th. The presence of about 420 thousand people was estimated at 29 meters. The protest is scheduled for 4 pm in the open space of the Maspin, in Avenida Polista, Sao Paulo. The organizers stressed the need to respect sanitary rules and created a guide to inform the population.

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There were marches, artistic interventions, ceremonies in the streets full of banners, flags and posters demanding that everyone be vaccinated, $ 600 in emergency aid until the end of the epidemic, and protests against governance reform and privatization.

Brasilia, Capitals, World

In Brasilia, there was a march to strengthen locals from Camp Levante for Earth, which has been in the federal capital for 11 days. In addition to Belim, Recife, Porto Velho, Macape, Sao Louis, Aracajo, Joao Pessoa and other capitals, a march was held in Masi. In addition, there are records of cities such as Ribeirao Preto, Campinas, Rio Claro and Marialia in Sao Paulo; Biox in Paraba; Fira de Santana of Bahia, Jequequi, Juvaziro, Itamaraju; Parasitism in Paracetamol, Miraselva, Florestopolis, Bela Vista do Parazzo, Rolandia, Prado Ferreira; Delmiro Gouvia, Alagoas; Altamira of Para, Marabe, Paravapebas; Novo Hamburg, Sao Leopoldo, Pelottas, Seberi, Guaba, Osorio, Santo Antonio da Patrulha, Candiota, Rio Grande do Sul; Picos, in Pia; Sobral, Rassas, Cratus, Limoiro do Norte, Cucia, Sierra; Petrolina in Petrambuko; Bettim, Bromadinho, Juസ്s de Fora, Vespasiano, Vale do Jacquitinho, Joelia Fitosa, Minas Gerais; Linnaeus of Esperito Santo, Sോo Matiസ്s, Nova Venice; Brusque in Santa Catarina, Santa Maria, Sao Cristo do Zul, Jaragu do Zul, Arangu, Cassador, Rio do Zul; Aso, Rio Grande do Norte; And many others across the five regions of the country.

Still in the morning, during Brazil, reports arrived in dozens of cities outside Brazil, including Zurich, Switzerland, London, England, Samur, France, Coimbra, Portugal, Dublin, Ireland, Berlin, Germany, Washington, and the United States. In others.

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Security Guide

Paper Without Fear, Popular Brazil Fronts, Union Centrals in the Organization of 19J Demonstrations and the National Network of Popular Doctors and Physicians (RNMPP) A guide on how to participate Works safely. There will be volunteers advising on remote and hygienic procedures. The basic rule that the network describes is to stay in open and well-ventilated areas without congestion. It is possible to maintain a distance of two meters even outdoors.

RNMP professionals also highlight the need to use masks. PFF2 / N95 fits well on the face, covers nose and mouth, and does not leak. For those who do not have access to this model, the tip is to use a simple surgical mask covered with a cloth mask. It is recommended to use alcohol gel, avoid sharing personal belongings, avoid hugging or physical contact, avoid eating out and bring water. Researcher Vitter Mori adds: “Focus on relocation, public transportation, those moments of communication, meeting people before and after leaving, and face-to-face interactions.”

Moving society

Commenting on the 19J demonstrations last Thursday, former President Luiz Inേഷ്യcio Lula da Silva said, “It is a call for community” to protest against the state and genocide. “Society began to walk.” Popular Movement Center (CMP) Coordinator Raimundo Bonfim said in an interview Current Brazilian newspaper, All those who defend democracy and fight against inequality must “support this government” and attend # 19 jail. “There was an agitation.” According to Kovid-19, the country is approaching a country where 500,000 lives will be lost. Bolsonaro is mainly responsible for not getting the vaccines at the right time. ”

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