1995 was the day they played with a ghost ball

1995 was the day they played with a ghost ball

Boxing Day has many stories. Especially since this British tradition is well established in Northern Ireland as well. Every year, on Boxing Day in the northern Irish capital, the city’s two biggest stables, Linfield and Glentoran, compete against each other. While this poster has marked fans on numerous occasions, the 1995 edition has toured around the world. The meeting between the two opposing teams gave birth to a mesmerizing look amidst laughter and embarrassment.

Of course, the ‘surprise’ guest on this 1995 poster was Snow, logically, it was an orange balloon, designed to look like Snow, used to start the game at the Oval Stadium in Belfast. But it didn’t catch the whole game and had to be changed.

A white balloon, on a white background

But that moment never came, and the players were forced to decide with a white ball on a white background. A match played with a phantom ball, at least from the standpoint or camera perspective. A situation where he finally smiled at Linfield (3-0).

This year, as Linfield and Glentoran share first place with the same number of points (42), the derby will be played on Monday at 4pm with the top spot in the NIFL Premiership.

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