14 hours in line? Colorado’s first in-and-out burgers are crazy

14 hours in line?  Colorado's first in-and-out burgers are crazy

Drivers wait in line at the In-N-Burt Burger Restaurant in Alhamora, California in August 2018.

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That menu should not be a secret after all.

Colorado fans of Chain In-N-Burt Burger in California waited in line on Friday.

In Aurora, police were called in to control the crowd as cars and customers hid around the new fast food restaurant and nearby mall. Customers Told local ABC affiliate They said they waited for 14 hours to get their hamburgers, fries and shakes.

“It’s official, traffic is now a double-edged sword around the mall.” Aurora Police tweeted, Using the lingo of a cult-like network. “We help control the traffic response.” A later post warned of a 12-hour wait, while another said “wrapped up twice in the mall”. They estimated the line to be 1.5 to 2 miles long.

In-N-Out expects to sell 60,000 burgers over the weekend at the Aurora store, Denver Post reported.

Second place in Colorado Springs saw similar eager restaurants, According to the GazetteIncluding a Southern California native who parked a Toyota-like car similar to the “Ghostbusters” car on the joint drive-through lane on Tuesday night.

“I was on vacation, so I decided to go down on Tuesday and make sure I was the first,” Colorado transplanter Ken Wisney told the Gazette. “It’s a fun and exciting experience, and I have no regrets doing it.”

Denny Warnick, vice president of in-n-out operations, said the company was excited about the reception. “I don’t know if we’ve been more welcoming between all the requests to come to Colorado for in-out and see customers here this morning,” he said.

The family-owned in-n-out also has locations in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon. They have announced plans to open at least seven more locations in Colorado.

This report first appeared on NYPost.com.

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