135 cases of mutated virus found in Norway – VG

135 cases of mutated virus found in Norway - VG

From the lab: This image is from a laboratory at the University Hospital of Oslo, which will soon analyze 500 virus samples a week in search of a mutated virus. Photo: Odin Jogger, VG

The number of cases detected is 53 more than in the previous update. The virus has been found in seven different counties.

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A mutated virus from the UK has been detected in Norway since the 50th week before Christmas.

After Christmas, the number of weekly proven cases increased. 37 cases were detected in week 1, 24 cases were detected in week 2 and 26 cases were detected in week 3, i.e. last week.

The FHI reports that a total of 135 cases have been registered.

As of January 26, 1147 virus samples had been analyzed from December to January. In January, 5.2 percent of all positive virus samples were analyzed (the virus was analyzed to detect animals, Journal.com).

NIPH has set a new target of 10 percent adjustment in all positive samples. 500 samples per week will be analyzed using a laboratory from Oslo University Hospital and the target will be reached.

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Two known eruptions

The first outbreak of the virus was reported in Norway on Friday:

So far 69 cases have been proven in the Nordre follow. A total of 80 cases were found in Waikato.

At the Smestad Nursing Home in Oslo Seven cases were found Of virus mutation, but here the nursing home agency does not believe the virus has spread to other departments. The municipality sees a link between an infected worker and an explosion in Nordre follow. A total of 26 cases were found in Oslo.

Cases of the British virus have also been reported in Westland (11), Auger (4), Rogaland (9), Westfold, Telemark (4) and InlandDet (1).

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