130 musicians and actors stop at La Malls

130 musicians and actors stop at La Malls

Conservatoire du Pace de Montbelliard, Barcelona, ​​since the burning of the boards of La Malls in Sochaux in 2010 Moloko , The Odincourt-based contemporary music scene, has made and performed at least ten (effective) collaborations. The idea for the next one was born after the performance of the latest, 2019, “Broken Concert”: Traverso Professor (Baroque Flute), passionate about Celtic music, envisions a trip to the green country called Ireland.


After three years and many adventures, mainly due to a health crisis, the show said, “What is Craig? (Meaning “What’s up?”), In production and rehearsal since last fall, is coming to fruition. It will be played on Saturday, March 26 in Sochaux. The common reason is that La Mals’ 1,000-seat hall and, above all, its stage alone are capable of accommodating the 130 or so musicians and actors who are part of this feat.

A touch of veena, a touch of rock

The one-time work here mixes traditional and current music with professionals, amateurs, teachers and students. There will be strings (violin, cellos, violins, double bass), young and old (harps, violins da gamba, guitars, flutes, traverses, piano, harpsichord) and children’s choirs from Petit, practicing “Celtic” instruments. Chenois School in Montbelliard. They will follow “The Moorings”. The Alsatian group, the spearhead of punk and Celtic rock, is loyal to Moloko: this fall, musicians are releasing a new album, “March On! This month, Chance gave a beautiful concert accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

This little world will be interpreted with traditional tunes, modern fragments, and rhythmic songs unique to Green Island. A story will support these crossings and deviations: Professor Franോois Costagliola, a professor at Conservatoire, has designed an entire stage setting focusing on the return of an immigrant to his country. A trip that invites spectators to leave, according to sea huts and Droidic notes.

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It starts at 8pm and continues until the end of the night for those who wish: a great Celtic ball will be served in the hall, especially with the Burgundian accordionist Sebastian Lagrange. Do you already have itchy feet? do not worry ! To prepare for the party, David DeMong and Thierry Perrout, two directors of Moloko and Conservatoire, invite you to this Wednesday, March 16, at 6:30 pm at the O’Brien Pub (opposite the station) in Montbelliard; They will present “What is Craig? », On musical backgrounds and drinks from Ireland. Owl: The day before, we’ve going to celebrate Clover and St. Patrick’s Day!

March 26th, information and ticketing at www.lemoloco.com, Prices: 5 to 10.

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