12 Tips to Help You Make Your Book Successful

You don’t need to spend millions on marketing your book to make it famous. If you have a tight budget but want to sell more copies of your book in a short time, then reading this guide will help you achieve your goals.

Keep reading to find twelve actionable tips on how to make your book successful without investing a ton of money!

1. Get Help from a Professional Editor

Before you get your book published, you need to ensure that your book is free from logical and grammatical errors.

Reviewing the contents of your book on your own is not a good option as you won’t be able to identify the mistakes. It’s better to get help from a professional editor to get your book reviewed the right way.

You don’t need to spend months finding the right people for getting your book reviewed. Online guides like this one can help you learn how to find a book editor, so you can get your book fine-tuned before it’s published.

2. Develop Your Marketing Plan

The only way you can simplify your marketing processes and achieve your sales goals faster is by developing a proper marketing plan. Having a plan will help you save time and avoid marketing mistakes that can damage your credibility as a writer.

Developing a marketing plan can get easy if you review the marketing plans of other writers. Go online to find how other writers have successfully managed to achieve their sales goals.

Besides, you can reach out to writers in your circle and ask them how they have developed and implemented marketing strategies for their books.

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3. Get More Email Subscribers

Email is still a great channel that people rely on for all their communication needs. To increase your online influence and sell more copies of your book, you should consider developing an email marketing plan.

Getting started with email marketing isn’t expensive. You can use any of the free email marketing tools to send emails efficiently.

Once the email marketing systems are in place, you should move on to the project of getting more subscribers. Having a sizable email list will help you reach out to more people in a short time. You can read online resources on growing your email list to help you boost your email marketing ROI.

4. Run Ads Online

A great way you can reach more people in your target readership is by running ads online. The best thing about online advertising is that it can be done even if you are on a tight budget. By implementing the right strategies, you can increase your “Return on Ad Spend” and sell more copies of your book.

Running ads online doesn’t require you to hire a digital ad agency. By allocating some time from your daily routine, you can learn how to identify the right digital channels for marketing your book and how to get the most out of the money you spend on ads.

5. Grow Your Online Presence

Running ads alone won’t help you grow your influence as a writer online. You need to focus on building your brand on digital channels, so people search for your book online and you succeed in selling more copies.

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Online branding doesn’t require you to spend a lot of your time, money, and effort. Once you know the famous social channels in your target audience, you can create profiles on those channels and start interacting with your readers.

A great way you can stay more active on social media and boost your engagement with your followers is by developing a social media calendar. Publishing posts on relevant occasions will help you strengthen your presence online and help you sell more copies of your book.

6. Appear on Famous Podcasts

Another way you can strengthen your online presence is by appearing on podcasts. Search for famous podcasts in your target readership. Reach out to the presenters of the podcasts and pitch them a podcast idea.

Be professional and patient when reaching out to podcast presenters so you don’t hear “No” from them very often.

7. Boost Your Network

Networking is the most important thing to focus on when promoting your book online. Strengthening your network can help you get practical and personalized advice on how to achieve your book marketing goals.

Getting started with networking is not a difficult task. You can participate in online events for writers to connect with publishing experts in a short time.

8. Explore Ecommerce Stores

Listing your book on famous Ecommerce platforms can help you sell more copies of your book in a short time. Some of the major platforms for writers include:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • Etsy

Make sure you learn about these major platforms so you can create a persuasive book listing that encourages people to buy your book.

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9. Build Your Website

A great way of interacting with your online audience is to have a website. With an attractive website, you can strengthen your bond with your readers and encourage more people to buy your book. You can read online guides on developing a website so you can do it yourself without hiring a website designer.

10.  Arrange a Giveaway Program

Creating buzz about your new book can get simpler if you arrange a giveaway program online. You can offer to give a free copy of your book to the winters of your giveaway. To promote your giveaway program in a short time, you can try running ads on digital platforms.

Make sure you keep the “giveaway rules” simple to ensure that more people participate in your giveaway program.

11. Start Posting Videos on YouTube

Creating video content is a great way to increase your reach, so you can persuade people to buy your book. Start recording videos on your smartphone instead of waiting to buy a professional camera. Stay active on YouTube so you can engage your subscribers properly.

12. Connect With Influencers

If you don’t have a lot of free time to implement marketing strategies yourself, you can try connecting with influencers to benefit from “word-of-mouth marketing.” You can develop an influencer marketing strategy to ensure that you reach the masses in a short time and can sell more copies of your book without waiting for a long time.

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