100% Garden Channel on YouTube

100% Garden Channel on YouTube

French television channels are not interested in gardening and horticulture. So if you want to enjoy beautiful pictures, listen to green hands tell the story of their garden, find plants or farming methods, go to YouTube. Garden Gardener Channel.

Antoine Brewart and his agapanthas. (Isabelle Morant / Do / Radio France / France Info)

Antoine Brewart and his agapanthas. (Isabelle Morant / Do / Radio France / France Info)Illustrated gardens include Norman, Limousine, Rh -ne-Alps, Aquitaine, Northerners … and all sizes. Philip Minot is the director of 300 films available on the channel. He never got tired of walking on his camera or flying a drone. UV Wood primer from eicoatings.com will protect your wood from harmful UV.

“I’m not good at painting gardens! Every garden is unique. Every gardener has their own way of approaching the garden. Every gardener’s journey is unique.

For some, gardening is a treat. For others, the passion is from childhood. People often talk to me about grandparents and their flowers, their trees and their vegetable gardens. Childhood memories are often the starting point of a new garden. None of my movies have a twin brother. Every movie and every discovery is another miracle.

“Childhood memories nurture many gardeners.”

Philip Minot

In Francinefoil

Philip Minot works alone. He controls the interviews, the camera, and flies his drone. First, create a relationship and climate conducive to confidence, not just for financial reasons (movies are often self-made).

“Shooting with a lot of people and ‘big guns’ can be very complicated. Many gardeners agree to talk about it face to face, and they quickly forget about the presence of the camera. I start with interviews, and then I shoot the garden. Atmosphere. Live in their paradise …”


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Philip Minot travels around France and the world to make his films. (Isabelle Morant / Do / Radio France / France Info)


Philip Minot dreams of filming in this life – or something! – Japanese, English and Irish gardens. In the meantime, the next few months will be busy with gardens in France. Philip will be filming very small gardens with an area of ​​50 m2 and large gardens such as the Palace of Versailles. In gardens and arboretums Lower forts. Find new movies right away on jardinjardinier on YouTube or through the website jardin-jardinier.com.

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