100% Digital Court guarantees approval of work within 10 days at Mato Grosso

Juízo 100% Digital garante homologação de ação em 10 dias em Mato Grosso

Imagine people living in different countries and parties to the same litigation in court. How long will it take to complete the operation? Definitely a long time. Thanks to the 100% digital court, the Mato Grosso (TJMT) court ruled that the divorce was granted within 10 days, with one of the parties living in Ireland, Bara do Garius, in the hinterland of the state. Adherence to such procedures ensures speed and economy for all involved.

Judge Augusto Ferrari, coordinator of the Judicial Center for Conflict and Citizenship Solutions (SEZSK) in Bara do Garia, 509 kilometers from Quebec, explains that it will take at least two years to complete this geographical process. “This is a very bureaucratic procedure. In the past, I had to issue a fake letter, which was a communication between judges from different countries, which took a long time because it required translating pieces with sworn translators.

What happened in the 100% digital court was the exact opposite, where all the work was done remotely and it took a few minutes to hear the arbitration. “Sticking to a 100% digital court is beneficial for a number of reasons: it protects financial resources more than lawyers who can approach a judge anywhere in the world. Access to parties who do not need to go to the headquarters of the judiciary,” the magistrate pointed out.

Attorney Giovanni Castro da Costa represents the party living in Ireland. She says everything is easy and practical with 100% digital judgment. “You can do everything on the computer or cell phone, distribute the process, have a priority tab when you register on the system, and in addition to the possibility of working wherever you are, I understand that this speeds up the work.

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Other benefits of Juso 100% digital, as the lawyer points out, are ease, time savings and better communication. “It took time to get to the forum, which was better than direct, because we have so much to do and fix through email or WhatsApp, we were able to get a more detailed answer. Otherwise, this result will not occur. It was a very quick process. ”

100% Digital Court allows all procedures, such as summons, subpoenas, hearings, and services to parties and delegates, to be performed electronically and remotely. Technology allows parties and delegates to speak directly to the court’s secretariat or to have a meeting with a magistrate or magistrate. Within all online and judicial branch office hours. To join 100% digital court, both parties must choose this method and decide whether or not to act remotely during the delivery of the action.

Source: T.J.M.T.

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