100% CO2 Free French Regional Transport Flight Coming Soon?

100% CO2 Free French Regional Transport Flight Coming Soon?

Always go higher, always go higher, but without pollution. This seems to be the goal of Toolus start-up Ora Aero, which is based on the Francassell site in the southern part of the city. The company aims to launch a regional transport aircraft that will not emit CO2 emissions from 2026. “Manufacturers have not been interested in electric aircraft for so long. We are the least in the world. We have the least to deal with the issue,” one said. Among the three founders of the startup, Jeremy Cosade Site Actu.fr, In an article published on Sunday, November 21st.

Ora Aero is not coming out of nowhere: the company was created in 2018 by former employees of Airbus, a leading aeronautical company. Today, it employs about 80 people and operates on the aerobatic aircraft, the Integral R, whose first model had a thermal engine, but used a circular economy in its design. The aircraft will later be built using an electric motor called the Integral E. A first flight must be operated in 2022 before it is likely to be delivered from 2023.

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But above all, the company is working on a project for a 19-seater electric regional transport vehicle: the Electrical Regional Aircraft, or ERA. According to the Actu.fr site details, the engineers are currently working on a computer, designing the prototype. The roof of the aircraft will have elongated fuselage and wings, to which six propellers will be attached. When included in the service, the company claims that the device can travel up to 400 km without emitting CO2. On longer trips, this will reduce this emission by 80 to 64%. It will take “one hundred million euros” to achieve production. Ora Aero expects its first flight by the end of 2024, and will enter service in 2026 if all goes as planned.

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Jeremy Cossad is convinced: “Electric aviation is the future of aviation, starting with light and regional aviation”. If the company recognizes this as a “major challenge,” it will consider it necessary to address “environmental threats, including global warming.” And customers are already there. Last October, Irish Amedio signed a letter stating that it wanted to buy 200 copies of the ERA.

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