10 specific phases of plasma were detected

10 phases of plasma

Plasmas have recently been studied as topological materials. However, a comprehensive picture of the topological phases and topological phase transitions in cold magnetic plasma is still not seen.

Scientists at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) of the US Department of Energy (DEO) have identified 10 unique stages Magnetic plasma And their transformations. These transitions then induce localized wave research with applications in space and laboratory plasma.

These newly discovered stages are technically called topological stages, which refer to their shapes Plasma-supported waves.

The discovery was made by a newly discovered method for classifying magnetized plasmas.

Hong Qin, a physicist who co-authored the paper and was Fu’s mentor, said: “The detection of 10 stages in plasma marks a primary development Plasma Physics. The first and foremost step of any scientific endeavor is to classify the objects under investigation. Any new classification scheme will improve our theoretical understanding and lead to further advances in technology.

Scientists can use the research to create a current in magnetic fusion plasma or to facilitate plasma rotation in fusion experiments.

Fusion, which combines light elements in plasma, emits large amounts of energy as a safe and clean source of energy to generate electricity.

Quinn said, The localized plasma waves generated by the phase transition are strong and intrinsic because they are topologically protected. The discovery that topologically protected excitability exists in magnetic plasma is a great step that can be explored for practical applications. ”

Yichen Fu, a graduate student at PPPL; Said, The most important development of the paper is to look at the plasma based on its topological properties and to identify its topological stages. Based on these phases, we identify the conditions necessary and sufficient for the excitation of these localized waves. We need to figure out how to apply this advancement to facilitate fusion energy research. ”

Journal Reference:
  1. Yichen Fu et al., Topological stages and bulk-edge correspondence of magnetized cold plasmas, Nature Communications (2021). DOI: 10.1038 / s 41467-021-24189-3
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