10% Season 4: The Call My Agent Remake! Prime Video is coming in April

10% Season 4: The Call My Agent Remake!  Prime Video is coming in April

10%, a British remake of the French cult comedy Call My Agent! Coming to Prime Video in April.

Call my agent! It was one of the biggest TV hits of all time, making this French comedy a surprise hit on Netflix.

The fifth season and the movie have now been confirmed, and in more exciting news, the UK remake is coming soon.

With guest appearances from leading British actors, such as Helena Bonham Carter, Dominic West and Kelly MacDonald, the first trailer gives fans of the original version their first look at the fictional London agency Nightingale Heart and its list of famous customers.

Here’s all you need to know about the 10% UK remake of Call My Agent!

The first trailer (at the top of this page) gives a taste of the comedy expected from the series. Kelly McDonald’s is pouring green drink over the head of Agent Dance (Prasanna Poonaraja), while at the same time high-profile celebrities are coming into the office to compete for the same role, the agency preparing for a corporate takeover, the largest American company.

What is the 10% release date on Prime Video?

Ten percent will launch on April 28, and all eight episodes of Prime Video in select countries in the UK, Ireland and around the world will be available on the same day only.

The series is inspired by the original French series Dix PowerSent (known in the UK as Call My Agent!).

Christoph Brochet is a critically acclaimed French comedy set set in a Paris-based talent agency where employees strive to delight their star clients and keep their business afloat. IMDB Rating: 8.3 Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 97% Critics say: sharp and satirical – indeed – irresistible chick (Patrick Smith, The Independent) Where to look: Seasons 1-4 streaming on Netflix

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A critically acclaimed French comedy set in the context of a talent agency in Paris, where employees strive to delight their star clients and move their business forward.

Critics say: sharp and ironic – of course – irresistible chic (Patrick Smith, The Independent).

Where to look: 1-4 season streaming on Netflix

Who is remaking Call My Agent?

The UK version was written and directed by John Morton, the creative genius behind the comedy documentary series Twenty Twelve and W1A.

Prime Video said the series would retain the essence of the French show, but add Morton’s British sensibility and new storylines.

“It’s great to work with Amazon Prime Video, which supports creativity, and gives us the freedom to put our own British stamp on the series,” said John Morton.

“It’s a privilege to work with star guests who represent the best British talent, along with stunning actors.”

Who is part of the 10% cast?

Parmi Les Camios de la Serie, Citinel Kelly MacDonald (Line of Duty, Trainspotting), Phoebe Dinever (Bridgeton), Helena Bonham Carter (La Serie Harry Potter, The Crown, The King’s Speech) and Olivia Williams (Arm) O’Leary (Les Miserables), Jessica O’Leary (Sleepy Hollow), Dominic West (The Wire, The Affair), Emma Corinne (The Crown), Himesh Patel (Yesterday), David Hairwood (Homeland) and Clemens Posey (Harry Potter).

How to see 10 percent

Eight episodes of Prime Video premiere 10 percent on April 29th.

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