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10 paperback books for a rich weekend

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Such little things

Pa Claire KeeganTranslated from the English (Ireland) by Jacqueline Odin, Le Livre de Poche, 128 pages, 6.90 euros.

Bill Furlong’s entire life was surrounded by women. This unmarried coal merchant was raised by a wealthy and virtuous widow, Mrs. Wilson, who later married Eileen. “Practical and dynamic spirit” Became the happy father of five daughters. However, a woman’s world remains unknown to him: Magdalen’s laundry in the movie “The Magdalene Sisters” by Peter Mullen, the alleged young girls. “Doubtful Morality” Until 1996, they were locked up under the strict control of nuns. Farlong was shocked to see a sight he received while delivering coal at Christmas 1985, and wondered if he should intervene. A novel, short and crystal clear, “Little Things Like This” subtly follows the emotions of its almost Dickensian protagonist. Through this beautiful story of the triumph of sympathy and generosity, Claire Keegan reminds us that Irish society succumbed to the pressure of the Church and sacrificed a portion of its population.

Amandin Schmidt

Are we reading

Pa George OrwellTranslated from the English by Charles Recoursé, 56 p., 3 Euro.

If we were like the literary critic portrayed by George Orwell in one of the four books in this unpublished collection, we would be content to leave the entire short volume between one hangover and another cigarette.

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