10 Fun Holidays Around the World

10 Fun Holidays Around the World

Holidays are days when a nation, community, religion, ethnic group or working class celebrates a particular occasion. Governments can establish holidays at the federal, state, district or even municipal level, depending on the scope and importance of the event being celebrated. Here in Brazil, we have 12 days considered national holidays, depending on the city and state where you live, and more. When we look at the holiday calendars in different countries, we realize that the origins of events – even the way they coincide throughout history – carry strong signs of local culture. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 10 exciting holidays around the world that will help you learn a little more about different cultures. Come and check it out!

10. Heritage Day (South Africa)

Celebrated on September 24th Heritage DayIn the case of South Africa, it aims to appreciate, preserve and celebrate the origins and traditions of different populations that make up the population. On that day, there are many cultural events in the country, so if you want to know more about the South African people, plan to come there for the holidays.

9. Sun Party (Peru)

How is the Inti Raimi Party celebrated in Cusco?  - Peru Grand Travel

Considered one of the most important festivals in Peru, Inti Remy – meaning “Feast of the Sun” in Portuguese – is celebrated on June 24 in honor of the Sun God of the Inca tradition. The festival, which marks the winter solstice of the southern hemisphere in the Andean region, takes place in Saxe-Human, an archeological site rich in nigo trees, about 2 km from Cusco.

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8. Dragon Boat Festival (China)

Dragon Boat Festival: Chinese Millennium Celebration - China Link Trading

A holiday that has lasted for more than two thousand years, tells the story of an ancient Chinese official and poet. Against your ideas. When he was attacked by the enemy forces in the province where he was staying, he was thrown into Rio Milo, where residents tried to save him, but he was dead. To this day, people board boats and navigate the waters of the Qi Yuan Dead River to thank the Chinese people for what they have done and to protect their souls from evil forces.

7. Boxing Day (various countries)

What is Boxing Day?  Understand the relationship between Natal and the Premier League - ISTOÉ Independent

The post-Christmas holiday of December 26 is common in some European countries, especially England, and has become a tradition in countries such as Australia and Canada. This is a day to visit family and friends who could not afford to spend the previous night and enjoy the rest of the meal at dinner.

6. Early May (England)

Early May Bank Holiday in the UK |  Culture Brittonica Amino

In England, holidays are called when businesses and banks close their doors Bank holiday (Banking Holiday) and Early May It’s an example that stops everything. This day is equivalent to our Labor Day, celebrated on May 1st. There, the season marks the end of winter and the arrival of more fertile times for industrial and agricultural production.

5. Australia Day (Australia)

SBS Language |  Today is Australia Day - or Occupy Day - celebrated and discussed across the country

The arrival of the first British ship to the Australian coast – the beginning of the nation’s colonization process in Oceania – is due for a series of celebrations that take place there every January 26th. “Australia Day”, as the date is known, became a national holiday in 1994 and was celebrated long before that. It’s a party with home decorations, people wearing fiery clothes from head to toe, waterfalls, fireworks and more! For the aborigines and their descendants, on the other hand, it was a moment of protest, because the indigenous population had already settled in those lands when the English landed. Not coincidentally, it is also called an annual event Invasion Day (Occupy Day) or Survival Day (Survival Day) Activists.

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4. Day of the Dead (Mexico)

Day of the Dead: Happy and Colorful Fest in Mexico - Guacamole Cocina Mexicana

November The official commemoration date is November 2, but preparations will begin on October 31. Mexican origins are at least 3,000 years old and originated with the natives who lived in the area before the Spaniards landed. The mainland. The purpose is to honor the memory of the deceased, and people prepare parties, parties and lots of music to receive the spirits of the dead.

3. St. Patrick’s Day (Ireland)

St. Patrick's Day: The Immigration Museum offers an Irish event in Sao Paulo - Home and Garden |  Events

March 17 is celebrated as St. Patrick’s Day for Ireland and many residents take to the streets in memory of St. Patrick, the patron saint of the country. The saint died on this day in 461. The Irish usually adorned the streets, houses, and businesses with green, because it was the color of the garments that Patricio used to describe the Holy Trinity to the Celtic people.

2. Fall of Bastilla (France)

Trump attends military parade in Paris with Macron |  World |  G1

July 14 is very important to the French, and it is on this date that, in 1789, the French took over Bastille and gave a new direction to the French Revolution. Since 1880, this date has been celebrated with numerous parties, parades and fireworks through the streets of Paris. In addition to the party, this is a moment to remember the soldiers who took part in the Bastille takeover.

1. Diwali Light Festival (India)

Diwali - Festival of Lights.  - The spiritual way

The Diwali Festival of Lights is a five-day Hindu tradition celebrated on October 19. Families light their homes with clay oil lamps to show their gratitude as they look forward to the coming year. Also, placing intricate designs on the front of the door or altar with rice or mahogany creates a really impressive effect.

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