[图]Windows 11 Build 22563 Released: Optimized Tablet Mode Taskbar – Windows 11

Microsoft today unveiled a new preview of Windows 11 Build 22563 for members of the Dev Insider program on the Dev Channel. This update mainly introduces the tablet mode taskbar, which was unveiled a few weeks ago, and includes changes to the group policy governing Windows Update.


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New Features in Windows 11 Build 22563 Preview:

Tablet Optimized Taskbar

Microsoft has introduced a new taskbar level, which gives you more confidence and comfort, especially for users who use their computer as a tablet. When you split the keyboard in 2-in-1 or switch to tablet mode, the taskbar now automatically switches to this optimized version. This feature is only available on devices that can be used as tablets. It does not work on laptops or desktop computers.

In the new mode, the taskbar has two modes: broken and expanded. When folded, the taskbar is invisible to your eyes, giving you more screen real estate and preventing you from accidentally calling to the taskbar while holding the tablet. In the extended state, the taskbar is optimized for easy-to-use touch. You can easily switch between the two states by swiping up and down on the bottom of the device.

To find out if this feature is available on your device, navigate to Settings> Personalization> Taskbar> Taskbar Behavior.


Feedback: Please submit feedback at the Feedback Center (WIN + F) under the Desktop Environment> Taskbar. See the list of known issues below for a list of known issues related to this feature.

Make the content of widgets more dynamic

By experimenting with combining widgets and news feeds into a dynamic mix of widgets, news feeds, dynamic widgets and news content, Microsoft tries to make some changes to the widgets to bring more dynamic content to your widget panel. This will make it easier to find and interact with new widgets and news content through your feed. With dynamic feeds, the weight of the canvas self-curing is reduced, but you can still pin your favorite widgets into it if you want.

If your widget board is customized, all your pinned widgets will be where you want them, and your existing customizations will not be lost. This release focuses on finding widgets from the feed, and we plan to make the feed more personal over time.


Feedback: Submit feedback to the Feedback Hub (WIN + F) under Desktop Environment> Widgets or select “Feedback” above the build number by clicking on your profile picture in the widget board. See the list of known issues below for a list of known issues related to this feature.

പുതിയ New group policy for handling Windows update notifications

AgainstTeachingFor IT administrators in this field, Microsoft now offers a new group policy with you and your students in mind. Starting with this release, you can finally turn off all Windows Update notifications that distract students during school hours.

Users will start to show notifications again if activity is required and a device will arrive on time, however, in the absence of students most devices are expected to reboot automatically overnight.

To access this new group policy, open the Group Policy Editor and navigate to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> Windows Update> Management and User Experience> Update Notifications option.

Feedback: Please submit feedback below “Install and Update> Download, Install and Configure Windows Update” in the Feedback Hub (WIN + F).

Here are some changes and enhancements introduced in Windows 11 Build 22563:


Extended search from Quick Access to include content from OneDrive, downloads, and any indexed location. Use Quick Access to find results quickly.

ലുകൾ Files in Quick Access that do not have a local presence (e.g. files shared with you from another OneDrive) are now shown as thumbnails and shared with OneDrive.


Microsoft Introducing Microsoft Edge tabs as suggested windows in Snap Assist makes it easier to hold the most relevant windows sideways. When you grab a window, you should now see your latest 3 Edge tabs displayed by default (by default). You can control whether Microsoft Edge tabs should be displayed at any time, and how many tabs should be displayed while holding or pressing ALT + TAB via Settings> System> Multitasking.


As of this release, Windows Insiders now have 37 new emoji characters in Emoji Picker as part of Emoji 14.0. New emojis include “Melting Face”, “Troll”, “Coral”, “Bean”, “Playground Slide”, and “Mirror Ball”.

ുന്നു Changes gestures and skin tone of people, total 112 emojis including handshakes. You can now select the skin tone of both hands in the handshake emoji.

The updated accessibility popup on the login screen introduced in 22 Build 22557 is now available to all Windows insiders on the Dev Channel.

Here is how to fix Windows 11 Build 22563


Improved login performance in a particular case where someone else has a very large temporary folder.

Fixed some issues affecting the reliability of explorer.exe.

ഫ്ല Updated the volume flight when using the hardware keys on the keyboard due to the lack of running audio.


Automatically hidden taskbars will now be expanded when you switch desktops with TaskView.

വല When dragging a file or app to the taskbar, we’ve updated the mouse’s info to show what’s supported and what’s not, and now responds to dark mode and contrast themes.

Fixed a periodic explorer.exe crash for users using the French (Canada) display language associated with the battery icon tooltip.

നി The silent icon in the taskbar has been updated so that its tooltip now hints at the keyboard shortcut (WIN + Alt + K).


Note: These solutions will only appear if you enable the tablet-optimized taskbar on your device. See above for details on the tablet-optimized taskbar, which has just been released to Windows Insiders, and is not yet available to everyone.

മുകള The border line at the top of the taskbar now extends across the entire taskbar rather than stopping in front of the system tray area.

ബ The button style of the hidden icon popup now matches the design of the other buttons in the system tray.

ട The taskbar no longer flickers when input methods change or when system tray icons are added and removed.


Fixed an issue that caused the Start menu not to open permanently when swiping from the bottom of the screen with the new Touch Gesture.

When recommended items are newly added or removed, their icons are now animated inside and out.

The sleep icon in the power menu will no longer appear as a false bell.

Fixed an issue that caused the apostrophe on the power button tooltip to not display properly.

When you initially open a folder, the app names in the folder will no longer be blurred.

Fixed a crash that some people experienced while trying to share an app from all apps list.


Fixed an issue where the OneDrive icon sometimes did not appear in the File Explorer command bar.

Removed random white dots that appeared in the context menu when right-clicking on the title bar of File Explorer in Dark Mode.


നിരവധി Many improvements to feedback based emoji search results, including the preference for exact names for emojis in search results (e.g. balloon emoji first when searching for balloons) rather than those given for these keywords.

Fixed an issue that caused Korean IME design insiders not to see the update in previous versions.

നിരവധി Fixed several coloring issues in the IME Candidate window.

െങ്കിൽ If your touch keyboard layout is customized, a crash is minimized when trying to access Personalization> Texts Input in Settings after an upgrade.

Fixed a crash of explorer.exe that may occur when changing input methods.

Improved input switcher performance on first launch.

“If” Show Accent Color on Start and Taskbar “is enabled in the color settings, the background color of the input method switcher will now follow this preference.

Confirmed typing link names in the touch keyboard configuration options to match the open settings page.

ക് System> The clipboard in the settings now explains why the “Sync across devices” option turns gray.

Added text to emoji panel to help explain some cases where emoji search results are not supported.


Microsoft has done more to reduce recent search pop-ups

പ്രശ്നം Fixed an issue with the recent Dev Channel build, which caused some insiders to experience a problem opening the search, but show only the magnifying glass in the window with no results. If you continue to experience problems, submit feedback with specific details of what you see under “Desktop Environment”> “Search”.

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