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20.01.2022 – 15:46

The Innovation in Politics Institute GmbH

Vienna (ots)

Swiss Project Neighborhood Burn received the Innovation in Politics Award in the Community category. It aims to connect volunteers with senior citizens to assist them in their day-to-day work. The finalists include three projects from Germany – the Coordinating Center for Change of Living in Poseidon, the Smart Village Remswheeler in Saarland, and the PLATZ Project in Hanover.

Ten projects from France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK were finalists in the community category of the Innovation in Politics Awards. The finalists and winners were selected by a European jury out of 1,032 citizens.

The Bern Neighborhood Success Project from Switzerland was announced at an online event in Berlin.

Strengthen social ties in Bern

Neighborhood Burn is a free offer available to all citizens of Bern. The project brings older people in need of help in daily life into contact with helpful neighbors so that they can live as freely as possible at home.

Within 15 minutes of walking, volunteers personally contact people who need help with daily tasks, such as shopping or solving technical problems, or who want to make a company. They can volunteer up to three hours a week and do not need any special skills to help older neighbors.

The Burn program works with local partner organizations, such as nursing homes, church congregations, and community organizations, to reach out to those who need the most support.

WZB Berlin Social Science Center President Prof. Jutta Almender:

“Innovation is a magic word. Our societies rely on innovation to foster social cohesion. But social unity requires trust and transparency. So everyone should be invited to participate in the community and give them a voice. I would like to thank the finalists in the community category for promoting better community in our communities. I hope this inspires further innovation in the future.

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Edward Strasser, CEO des Innovation in Politics Institute:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of local communities and the benefits of working together became more apparent, especially the need for neighborhood support. This year’s winner, Neighborhood Burn, is a great initiative because it shows how small gestures can make a big difference to seniors who are often isolated in their problems. On behalf of the Pan-European Citizens Jury, I commend Neighborhood Burn, a successful project, and all finalists for finding positive and practical solutions for their local communities.

Award ceremonies in nine European cities

This year’s Innovation in Politics Awards will be held as a pan – European series of events from December 2021 to February 2022 under the auspices of Secretary – General of the Council of Europe Marija Pejinovich Burik and Vice President of the European Commission. For Democracy and Demography, Dubravka Suika.

The nine award categories are: Community, Democracy, Digitization, Environment, Economy, Education, Human Rights, Quality of Life and Kovid-19 Strategies.

More information about the Innovation in Politics Awards

2021 winners in the community category

Switzerland: Neighborhood Burn

2021 Community Finalists:

Deutschland: Flat-Exchange Coordination Office

UK: Home-made Bristol

Italian: Lunativa, Virtual Currency

France: Masscope – Intergenerational Partnership Home

Deutschland: PLATZprojekt – A place for good ideas and projects

Ireland: County Mayo protects the night sky

Schweden: SällBo – End Loneliness Through Living Together

Dutchland: Smart Village – Distributed well in St. Wendell’s Land

Pauline: Social Institution of Culture

Supports events

* Dr. Alexander van der Bellen, Federal President of Austria

* Edward Heger, Prime Minister of Slovakia

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* Marija Pejinovich Burik, Secretary-General of Europe

* Dubrovka Suika, Vice President of the European Commission for Democracy and Democracy

* Prof. Jersey Busek, MEP, former President of the European Parliament and former Prime Minister of Poland

* Alan Larson, Sweden’s former finance minister

* Barbro Westerholm, MP, former Director General of the Swedish Board of Health and Welfare

* WZB Berlin Social Science Center President Prof. Jutta Almender

* Antonio Rosatti, CEO of EUR SpA

About the Innovation in Politics Awards

The Innovation in Politics Awards recognize Europe’s boldest and most constructive political projects. The aim of the competition is to identify the brightest minds in European politics and present their solutions to inspire other politicians across borders and party lines. Over the past five years, the civic jury has selected 42 winners from more than 2,000 political projects out of 5,000 Europeans. The prizes are donated by the Institute for Innovation in Politics, Vienna, Austria.

For more information: www.innovationinpolitics.eu

Scenes are available Here Ready to download.

Press Contact:

Claire Clifford
Communications Manager
Innovation at the Institute of Politics

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