[ഹോത്തോട്ട് റിവ്യൂ]The 14,000-inch notebook “Mouse Spro NB4” is compatible with the LTE, which is stronger than the 130,000 yen level – PC Watch

[ഹോത്തോട്ട് റിവ്യൂ]The 14,000-inch notebook "Mouse Spro NB4" is compatible with the LTE, which is stronger than the 130,000 yen level - PC Watch


What does a business notebook PC need? Lightweight and slim, easy to carry, with adequate processing performance for business applications, and long battery life. Of course, I think it’s right to add “rhetoric” to the design.

When you look at the styling of the BTO PC maker and mouse computer business notebook “Mouse Spro NB4”, it seems so. Let’s test the same model with the latest generation CPU. Prices start at 131,780 yen, including taxes.

Highly durable black body that matches MIL features. 4K output output is also possible with Thunderbolt 4

“Mouse Spro” is one of the line of notebook PCs for business, which is true to the mouse computer made by BTO PC makers. As standard, the Windows 10 Pro 64-bit pre-installed is ideal for corporate users, and features a black-based body color that easily blends into the office.

Among them, the 14-inch display “Mouse Pro NB4” series is a model that focuses on robustness while being compact in addition to long-term battery performance. The first thing that catches your eye when you open the display is the MIL-STD-810G logo, known as the US Department of Defense’s storage standard.

Almost all black bodies

Eye-catching MIL-STD-810G logo

These are called MIL features, and have a tough performance that has passed 10 tests, including impact, dust, high / low temperature, and vibration. This elegant performance with a tight black body has a very similar atmosphere. The series comes with a pickup repair warranty of up to 4 years, which increases safety awareness.

This time we will review a model with relatively superior features called the “Mouse Spro-NB420Z (148,280 Yen)” in the same range. The thickness of the main body is 16.9 mm, although it is not very light, it is very light when carried, because the 14 types weigh less than 1.14 kg.

16.9 mm thin

It can easily carry about 1.14 kg

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Depending on the viewing angle, the best brightness reflects light beautifully, and it is a smooth paint. Quality has a meaning and it fits in your hand. Given its size, weight and high durability, this gives the impression that it is a notebook PC that can be used reliably for business purposes.

The CPU is the eleventh generation Intel Core i7-1165G7 (4 core 8 threads, 2.8-4.7GHz, Tiger Lake-UP3), and is a GPU Intel Iris X graphics with a built-in CPU that enhances 3D performance. 16GB of memory is equipped with 256GB of NVM SSD (8GB in addition to the onboard 8GB). Storage capacity is a bit uncomfortable, but you can customize it when you buy according to your needs.

The 11th generation is equipped with Intel Core i7-1165G7

The display is 14 inches full HD (1,920 x 1,080 dots) with standard resolution. However, it does have a Thunderbolt 4 port (Type-C shape can be used as USB 4) and boasts a data transfer rate of up to 40 Gbps, and the display port also supports Alt mode. When connected to an external display from here, the output can be output at a maximum 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 dots, 60 Hz), enabling widescreen desktop recognition.

On the left is the Thunderbolt 4 port and the HDMI output output terminal.

It also has an HDMI output output terminal with a maximum 4K resolution of up to 30 Hz, so when working with multiple displays, I prefer to use the Thunderbolt 4 port if possible.

Built-in LTE compatible wireless WAN. Safe equipment with 20 hours of operation and face recognition

When it comes to network performance, wireless WAN support is a great tool for business use. It supports 3G / LTE of NTT DoCoMo and Softbank, and LTE of OU, and can communicate at a maximum reception speed of 450 Mbps. When I tried it with the SIM I had, I was able to communicate with the NTT DoCoMo Line and O-Line (MVNO) SIM without any problems by setting up the APN.

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On the front you can see the micro SIM slot

Because it is a micro SIM, it is difficult to share the Nano SIM with the mainstream smartphone (if you plug it in with an attached adapter, the PC body and SIM may be damaged in some cases), but the ability to communicate anytime is excellent anywhere.

I was able to communicate with NTT DoCoMo and au (MVNO) SIMs without any problems.

It supports WiFi 6 (up to 2.4 Gbps). It is encouraging to be able to use wireless to communicate faster than 1 GB of wired LAN if you have a suitable router. About 20 hours of battery drive is safe. Even if you carry an AC adapter in the event of a battery depletion, the compactness of the card often ensures that outgoing business people will increase the scope of their activities.

The Thunderbolt 4 jack also supports USB PD, so if you forget your AC adapter, you can cover it with a general-purpose charger (65W or higher output required).

The AC adapter is lighter than the main body

It’s about the size of a card … It’s an obsession, but it’s enough to keep it in one place.

Built-in webcam supports Windows Hello Face Recognition. It helps users who carry laptops or work from home when they want to achieve better security and ease of use.

The microSD card slot is useful when you want to take data from your smartphone or small camera. Personally, I’m grateful to be able to use a standard SD card directly …

Built-in webcam that supports face recognition

The right side is equipped with a microSD card slot

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You can easily type on the keyboard. Even if you hit it hard, the sound doesn’t sound, the calm is too high. The overall feel is good, but the area around the up / down / left / right keys seems to be closed, so is it necessary to use the functionality here?

Supports touchpad gesture functionality. Some users may like the spacious touchpad, but the slippery fingers and the click feel on the inside are just right, ensuring adequate functionality.

If it is too wide, performance errors are likely to increase when using the keyboard, and there is a high probability of using an external mouse in business, so it seems to be in excellent balance.

A keyboard that feels good when typing

A notebook PC with simple footprints can be used as a “tool” with peace of mind.

The MousePro NB4 is not just a performance-oriented model.

Added to this is the tough performance of MIL Spec Compliance, and the packaging of security-conscious tools, including the face recognition of Windows Hello. Wearing black everywhere, rhetoric coloring and orthodox design that can be used without any hesitation in the office or at home are great as “tools” that can focus on your work without attracting attention. I’m sure this will be a good partner for your work.

Black, which makes you feel harsh in appearance. Reminiscent of high fidelity

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