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Today, many brands have released different types of flexible screen mobile phones, but most of them are in the form of flexing. It is convenient to use but has clear creases. OPPO recently unveiled the X Concept phone, which was the first to adopt a scroll-type design on a flexible screen to achieve the effect of larger and smaller screens. How do you feel about using this type of mobile phone? Is it really practical? Let Edward test it for everyone.

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The body is thick and one hand is a little difficult to control

The OPPO X itself is designed to look like a slim Android phone, but the body is relatively thick, due to its scroll-type screen design, which I will share with you below. Combined with the 6.7-inch LED screen and the heavier body weight, this design is unique in that it is more difficult for everyone to control the phone with one hand even when the screen is not turned on. When it is on, it even needs more use with both hands. However, the body design is solid and the rear design is also very stylish. It makes perfect sense to touch or look at a flagship phone. It deserves praise.

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The flexible screen adopts a scroll design, so the body will be thicker.

Ically basically, it is more difficult to control with one hand. It is recommended that it be safe to use both hands to control whether it is extended or the general use of the mobile phone.

Use The frame of the fuselage is made of metal materials and is relatively solid. The only reason is that the flexible screen is easy to scratch by nature, so be careful when using it.

The back of the Situation machine adopts a white design in any situation, and there are no “two colors” due to the expansion of the screen. It is beautiful, simple and decent.

Because the screen adopts a scroll-type extension design, the screen crease is not as obvious as a normal foldable mobile phone when the screen is in use.

You can turn the reel screen on and off by swiping

Of course, its biggest feature is definitely its reel design. Typically, folding machines with flexible screens are designed with a flexible design. The advantage of this is that it can be used as soon as the big screen is opened, but the disadvantage is that the longer the crease is used, the clearer it will be and some users will worry about it. Further backlinks will shorten the life of the screen (although the official says there is no problem in general). The scroll design of the OPPO X scrolls extends from the left side of the fuselage to the 6.7-inch 16:10 screen and the 7.4-inch 4: 3 screen. Because it does not bend the screen directly, the creases are relatively small. In principle, this will greatly extend the life of the flexible screen. This is definitely a very good design. To switch and expand the screen, you just have to swipe the switch button up or down, which is very convenient. However, only the part of the screen that contains the scroll design fuselage is removed. When the screen is turned off, you will see a small amount of dust left at the connection point, which is even more dirty. Therefore, it is recommended to bring the glass cloth with you and clean the screen from time to time so that it looks beautiful.

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Screen Swipe up or down the switch button to the right of the fuselage to switch between two screen sizes from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches.

The front and rear design of the switch.

This is the machine edge behind the expanded screen.

However, this design will put dust on the surface of the screen, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

There is no change in brightness and the special effects are impressive

Because it uses a scroll-type design, its resolution is the same whether viewed on a 6.7-inch or 7.4-inch screen, depending on how long the screen is stretched to determine the screen display ratio. All rights reserved. pay attention. Additionally, when the screen is stretched or zoomed out, the line spacing of the content on the display will slowly zoom in or out, and there will be special effects of slow zooming or zooming out when switching, with or without zooming out quickly. The author appreciates the situation. But one thing to note is that all machines have only one button, which is the switch to the right of the fuselage. It can only stretch and minimize the screen display and it can swipe and swipe the screen display. When this machine is officially launched, I think it would be the best design if the volume button could be added back.

When the key is swiped, the extended part of the screen scrolls to the left of the fuselage.

7 After switching from a 6.7-inch to a 7.4-inch screen display, the browsing content is automatically rearranged. For example, browsing the web can have the effect of reading a book.

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Videos For viewing videos, the black margins of the video will move from left to right up and down as the ratio changes from 16:10 to 4: 3.

There are no obvious bugs when changing screens

When it comes to large and small screen switching, another area that everyone is most interested in is whether there are bugs or crashes when switching between using APP or browsing content. The author failed to test many application scenarios due to short trial time, but tried to browse the web browser with the built-in browser and watch videos with YouTube.

First, browse the webpage with the built-in browser browser, no display issues before and after switching.

Videos When YouTube videos are browsed, they can be played normally before and after switching, and cannot be paused during video playback.

However, if you change the screen display during the video phase, even if the shot is still a 4: 3 aspect ratio photo, the effect of the photo will be different as the length and width of the photo are adjusted. You can pay attention to the extended screen. Vertical content is low, but horizontal shot is high.

Summary: The new flexible screen design awaits mass production day

Overall, the new flexible screen application design of the OPPO X, which uses a scroll type, is definitely a very innovative approach. On the one hand, it makes the crease relatively clear, and on the other hand, in theory, expands the flexible screen further. Although more dust marks will appear on the screen than on the current screen, this approach is not always “hidden.” I expect OPPO’s early mass production and application of this technology on its flagship phones, so everyone can use it Flexible screen mobile phone technology., You can choose one more.

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